Family Reading: Escape From Death

“Gather ’round! It’s family time!” These are precious words that we like to hear at the Eden Way Outpost. By God’s grace, each day we have a special time designated for uplifting family fellowship. Furthermore, one of the things that we like to do is read wonderful, inspiring missionary stories! On that note, we would like to share one of our favorites with you – Escape From Death.

Each Friday, tune in to hear a chapter from this miraculous book!  Interested in getting your own copy? Order now, from our End-Time Store!

Form a home reading circle, in which every member of the family shall lay aside the busy cares of the day, and unite in study. Especially will the youth who have been accustomed to reading novels and cheap storybooks receive benefit from joining in the evening family study.” {CG 38}

“With real-life testimonies, such as Escape from Death, who needs the dramatic illusions found on television? The way the Holy Spirit intertwined the lives of various individuals -bringing them into truth- is fascinating! You will not want to put this book down; and before you know it, this miraculous story will be over. Although short and sweet, Escape from Death leaves you with the satisfying and lasting impression that God is worthy to be praised! “





Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:


Chapter 5:


Chapter 6:


Chapter 7:


Chapter 8:


Chapter 9:


Chapter 10:


Chapter 11:


Chapter 12:


Chapter 13:


Chapter 14:


Chapter 15:


Chapter 16:


Chapter 17:


Chapter 18:





  1. Bro. B

    Thank you so much for sharing this story! To God be the glory for His guidance and blessings upon you and using you. This story has been a great blessing to me. Please continue to share!

    But, can you share the reference of this story “escape from death” and where can I find it? I would like to translate it into my mother tongue, the Tigrinya language.

    May the Lord continue to use you, you have been a blessing in my life.

    • MOL Services

      Praise the Lord! The story can be ordered from our End-Time Store! That sounds wonderful! God bless!

  2. Sis. J

    I enjoyed these stories immensely. They were excellently narrated. Cant wait for next week. I love you all and pray for you often.


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