How To Enter Into A C.I.P. With Jesus-Part 17

Greetings! In today’s class, we shall conclude our study on The White Stone.

The White Stone

By God’s grace, He is going to give me a white stone with that new name which nobody else ever had, and nobody ever will have nor understand that pet name through all eternity. And He is going to invite me to sit with Him on His throne, right up there next to Him in the throne of the universe, friends. I am glad He is going to be there. I am glad He is not going to go off and leave me there on the throne without Him. Aren’t you? Oh yes.

You know the picture I get? A little girl sitting in her daddy’s lap in a car, with both her and her daddy’s hand on the wheel. It is a good thing daddy’s hand was on the wheel too, wasn’t it? Yes. And friends, Jesus is going to let me sit in the throne of the universe with Him. He is going to be there too. We will sit there together.

But it is going to be more than a child-father relationship. It is going to be heart-to-heart. Oh, thank God, friends, we are going to grow up. We are going to be people that God can counsel with, not that we will ever be infinite like He is. But oh, thank God, we will be able to share His thoughts, His plans, His ideas, and He will love to hear us talk with Him.

You know, He is going to take us with Him on tours throughout the universe. You remember the 14
th chapter of Revelation tells about that? “These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth” Revelation 14:4. Yes, as the King goes throughout His vast dominion, we won’t have to have any space ships, any rockets, any oxygen tanks, nothing of that awkward, bungling nature. No, no.

“Unfettered by mortality, they wing their tireless flight to worlds afar worlds that thrilled with sorrow at the spectacle of human woe and rang with songs of gladness at the tidings of a ransomed soul” Great Controversy, page 676.

On through the universe, and Jesus is going to be so happy having us enjoy meeting the people on the other planets, and talking with them. Jesus is going to enjoy listening as we give our testimony. You will give your testimony there, and it will not be like anybody else’s. Why should it be like somebody else here, then? Oh, no, never try to parrot someone else. We are not parrots, nor apes, nor tape recorders. No, nothing of the kind. We are individuals, each one different. Each one a rare gem selected by the Creator to shine in His crown forever and forever.

Say folks, if we are going to have those wonderful experiences there, what is the use of waiting until we get there to have them? You know, there is no end on the other end. Eternity has no end. The only way to get more of what we are talking about is to start quicker, start sooner; start earlier. And there is no time earlier that you can start than right now. Behold, now is the accepted time.

And I am not talking just about living the Christian life. You know there is many a burdened Christian like a weary pilgrim walking up the steep road with a heavy load upon his back, seeking to make the top. Well, friends, do you remember – how many of you ever read Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress? Oh, yes. Do you remember that picture of Christian going along with that heavy load on his back, and oh, he wished he could get rid of it; but he never could. He tried this and that, and it was still there. But one day, as he was going along the road to the Celestial city, he stopped. He saw a cross. And as he stopped and looked at that cross, something happened, friends. Bunyan, in describing it, says:

“The strings that bound that load to him loosened and he saw that load fall off his back and roll and roll and roll until it went into an empty tomb” John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress.

And He says: “I saw it no more” Ibid.

Then Bunyan says: “Then was Christian glad and joyful. He went on his way happy.

“Thus far did I come laden with my sin, Nor could ought ease the grief that I was in.Ibid.

And then he says: “Blessed cross, blessed sepulchre, blessed rather be The man that there was put to shame for me” Ibid.

Today, we too can see Him on the cross. And we can see the empty tomb, can’t we? We can hear His words of love both before Calvary and afterward: “Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am” John 17:24.

Let’s enter into the joy of it now. What do you say? And when satan comes to bother us with our past sins, let’s sing, “My sins are all nailed to the cross. Jesus took them there.” He suffered the burden. He carried the burden. He took the load. He doesn’t want us to carry it; it would crush us. He wants us to enjoy fellowship with Him.

The fellowship doesn’t begin up there. It begins down here. Notice the One with whom we will sit up there is the One that wants to sit with us down here. The One who will gird Himself and feed us up there wants us to feed Him down here. The One that will take us on a walk up there, all through the universe, wants to walk with us through the dusty paths of daily life. The One who is going to talk with us up there, wants us to talk with Him down here, and let Him talk to us.

Let me give you what I think is one of the most beautiful statements on this whole subject. It is found in Ministry of Healing. Listen: Cultivate the habit of talking with the Saviour when you are alone, when you are walking, and when you are busy with your daily labor. Let the heart be continually uplifted in silent petition for help, for light, for strength, for knowledge. Let every breath be a prayer” Ministry of Healing, pages 510-511.

You know, I was asking you in one of the other studies if I came to your house and knocked at your door and you invited me in for supper, who would you expect to furnish the food? Would you feed me? Will you feed Jesus?

Now I want to ask you another practical question. Suppose Jesus is here now. He is knocking there at the door. We say, “Come in, dear Jesus. Sit down.” Would you talk to Him, or would you just sit there? Or would you go off in another room and just talk to other people and leave Him sitting there? Really, what would you do if He knocked at the door and you invited Him in? Would you visit with Him? Well, why not do that? Why not make it very practical?

Every morning when you wake up, say, “Dear Jesus, I want You to be with me all day today.” You say, “Well, I do that.” Do you? Do you say anything to Him during the day? Suppose I came to your house to visit. You would feed me breakfast. Would you just leave me sitting there all day until evening? Would you? Oh, no, I know you wouldn’t. Do you see what I mean, dear friends?

Let’s be very practical and simple in our faith about this matter. Let’s visit with Jesus all day long. Remember, the relations between God and each soul are as distinct and full as though that one were the only one in all the world (Steps to Christ, page 100). He wants to be with us. That is what He died for, so He could be with us and we with Him.

And He can’t wait until we get up to Heaven for it. He comes down here –
invisible, true, but nonetheless real and walks with us in the daily routine of life. He who walked the paths from His home to the carpenter’s shop and from the carpenter’s shop to His home, who walked to church every Sabbath morning, who walked out in the community in missionary work, who walked in chores around His own home, helping father and mother, that same Jesus wants to walk with us as we cheerfully take up the burdens of daily life, and enter into the experiences of serving. My dear friends, I want to tell you something. The sweetest fellowship with Christ we shall ever enjoy is fellowship in working for others.

You know that to have fellowship with somebody you have to become acquainted with their goals and share them, more or less. What they are interested in has to be something you are interested in. Do you know what Jesus is interested in? He is interested in souls. He is interested in you, and He is interested in others. And as you begin to understand more and more what you mean to Him, you will understand what other souls mean to Him, and your heart will be linked with His in a longing that they, too, shall know this fellowship.

Soul winning – that is the great joy of life. Oh, I hope every one of you will dedicate your life to soul winning. For may I tell you, friends. The last opportunity to do this will soon be over. In Heaven, we shall have all these wonderful things we have been talking about, but we shall never have the opportunity to go out and win a soul. Never. All we ever do in that line will be now. Oh, I am so glad that we can share that fellowship with Christ. What do you say?

So, when we kneel down to pray to Jesus, let us share with Him His burden for the lost. I hope you have
a prayer list. If you don’t, I hope you will start one. I
have one. I write down the names of people that God especially burdens me to pray for.  Oh, friends, I am glad your name is on Jesus’ prayer list. He is thinking of you every day. As you make a little prayer list, remember: your prayer list is part of His prayer list. This gives you a bond of fellowship with Him. You and Jesus are agreeing to pray for a certain soul, and this ties you to Him in an intimate way.

You can remember those names on your knees. As you kneel there with the open Bible and let Jesus talk to you through His Word, and then you talk to Him in prayer, remember those names and pray for those souls that God has burdened you with. And then do not wait until evening or the next morning to pray again. “Cultivate the habit…”

What is a habit? Well, that is something you have done so much that it just becomes a habit, it comes naturally: Cultivate the habit of talking with the Saviour when you are aloneIbidHow do you cultivate a habit? Do the same thing over and over again.

Just do it when you do think about it. That is the only time you can do it. It is when you think about it, isn’t it? And let me tell you a secret. If you will start doing it when you do think about it, pretty soon you will be thinking about it often. Jesus will bring it to your attention.

Just have a little understanding with Christ that when He brings it to your mind, you will talk to Him (audibly, if you are where you can, or silently, if it is not appropriate to speak out loud). You can have a two-way walkie-talkie conversation with your Lord. Just keep tuned in on Heaven’s wavelength. You can talk to Jesus and Jesus will talk to you.

Thus you can share a fellowship which angels can only admire. They do not envy. They love to bring you and me closer to Christ than they can ever know. As they see that love, that sacrificial love, that He has shown to us, they know that He would have done the same for them had they needed it. And they rejoice in the inner circle experience that you and I share.

“To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it” Revelation 2:17.

This little thought, friends. If nobody else will know your name there, I mean this special name between you and Jesus, would it be a strange thing if there were some things in your experience here that other people didn’t understand? Would that be a strange thing? Do you see? Don’t worry if other people do not understand everything in your life. And by the same token, do not think it is strange if there are things in other people’s lives you do not understand. Do not let that worry you. Do not let it worry you because somebody else can do something that the Holy Spirit won’t let you do. Do not let it worry you because Christ reproves you for things that other people do not seem to be bothered with. Just be thankful that you have a personal, intimate fellowship with Jesus, which nobody else knows or understands. Just enjoy getting in there with Him and having a wonderful feast. Sup with Him, and let Him sup with you. Begin it here. Continue it on through eternity.

                              What Stands Out To You?

What stands out to you from today’s lesson, that can help you in entering into a C.I.P. with Jesus? Please let us know, in the comment section, below! God bless!

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* This study has been adapted from classes taken by Elder W.D. Frazee.

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