How To Enter Into A C.I.P. With Jesus-Part 19

Greetings! In today’s class, we shall continue our segment on,  Abraham – God’s Friend.

Abraham – God’s Friend

God talked things over with Abraham. What was it He came to talk with him about? The destruction of Sodom. Sodom had gotten so wicked. There is a world that is getting wicked like that now, with crime and vice, and immorality of every kind, as bold as ever in the cities of the plain. The time had come to judge Sodom. But now notice the God of the universe will not do that without spending some time with His friend, Abraham, who lives near Sodom.


Think of it, friends! God wanted to counsel with Abraham. And Abraham didn’t say, “Oh Lord, I haven’t anything to say. You know all about it. You just go ahead and do it. And if there is anything you want me to do, tell me. I am Your servant.” Abraham was properly humble, and we ought to be. But friends, he did not let his humility lessen his boldness, his confidence. And when God told Abraham that He was going to destroy Sodom because of the terrible sins, Abraham said, “Lord, would you destroy the righteous with the wicked?”

Now, would God do that? And Abraham said, “Lord, suppose there were fifty righteous people in that city.” That didn’t sound like very many, and Abraham knew there were not very many down there. He said, “Lord would you spare the city for fifty?” And you know what the Lord said? “All right, Abraham. I will accept your counsel.” Think of it. A man down here in this world counseling with God. He is not just a servant. He is a friend. Do you see?

But Abraham was not through. No sooner had God said “I will spare it for fifty,” than he thought, “My, maybe there would not be fifty.” So he asked, “What about forty-five? You wouldn’t do it just because there were five missing? You wouldn’t destroy it, would You?

The Lord said, “All right Abraham, I like your thought. We will spare it for forty-five.” And that talk between God and Abraham went on until Abraham had things down to where? To ten. What an interview! A man, a poor weak man, so intimate with God, so close with God, that he can discuss things and God listens. Abraham listens to God. God harkens to Abraham. That is friendship, isn’t it? That is fellowship. That is communion.

To such communion God is calling you, my friend. To such fellowship you are invited. What a shame to let what somebody else does, or does not do, keep us from such an invitation. What plain folly it is to say by our actions, if not by our words, “Well, Lord, if you get this one to do that, and if You would get somebody else to do this for me, then I think I might love You a little more, or understand You a bit better, or appreciate You more.” Why, friends, what an utter lack of comprehension such an attitude reveals. Do you agree with me? Yes.

The King of the universe wants me to be His friend. I know He is my friend. He wants me to be His friend. Oh, whatever anybody else does, I am going in and will be His friend. What do you say? It will make Him happy. It is what He wants. Abraham was called the friend of God” James 2:23.


I want to read what I think is one of the most amazing statements in the revelations that have come to this people. It is found in the last message that the Lord’s messenger, Sis. Ellen G. White, wrote at the end of her long writing of 70 years. The Lord inspired her to write a letter to a discouraged soul. You will find it now in the book Testimonies to Ministers. I want to share with you from this last message from the prophet, this wonderful statement:

It would not satisfy the heart of the infinite One to give those who love His Son a lesser blessing than He gives His SonTestimonies to Ministers, page 518.


Don’t worry if you cannot comprehend that the first time you read it. You can think on that a million years, and there is a lot more that you have not gotten yet. How much does God want to bless you? As much as He does Jesus. How much of God’s love does God want you to enjoy? As much as Jesus enjoys. How much does He want you to be accepted? As much as Christ is accepted. How much does He want you to feel that you are His special friend? Just as much as His Son, Jesus Christ, does. If this is not so, friends, then Calvary does not make sense, because God gave His Son with the risk of never seeing Him again. Jesus gave Himself at the risk of failure and eternal loss with the hope of getting you and me back into the circle of friendship. Are you worth that? He says you are. And if He says I am worth it, who am I to say, “Oh, no Lord, I am not worth it.” I am not going to call God a liar, friends.

In my deepest heart, secretly, this is what would make me happy, anyway, to find out it was true. Why miss it just because it sounds good? Why turn it down because it sounds too good to be true? It is too good not to be true, isn’t it? “It would not satisfy the heart of the infinite One to give those who love His Son a lesser blessing than He gives His Son” Ibid.

I want you to notice where the prophet got the thought that is being enlarged here. It is in Ephesians 1:3. This is what is being commented on in this expression: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” Ephesians 1:3.

The margin says in ‘heavenly things’. Notice, God has blessed us in Christ with all spiritual blessings. Nothing is left out. You know when a will is read and a legacy is being given to the heirs, oh, how people listen. “I wonder what father left me.” “I wonder what Uncle George left for me.” Well, do you know what the will of the great God is? That you shall have as much as Christ has.


I know we can’t hold all that. And this is why God is going to give us eternity to enlarge our capacity. A million, million, million years from now we will just be entering into the beginning, as it were, of our inheritance. But we will be getting a lot more of it then, than we are now, because our capacity will increase.


How much can you hold, today? What a shame to bring a teaspoon when we could have a quart bucket, or a gallon, or a barrel. How much can you hold? Why wonder if maybe you could get a few more drops? Why, friends, God has a universe of blessings that He longs to pour upon us. And one of the greatest of these blessings is the sense of our friendship with the King of the universe. Not merely that He is our friend, but that we are His Friends.

                              What Stands Out To You?

What stands out to you from today’s lesson, that can help you in entering into a C.I.P. with Jesus? Please let us know, in the comment section, below! God bless!


* This study has been adapted from classes taken by Elder W.D. Frazee.

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    Peace to the brethren! Hi, MOL Family, Brother K. here! Thank you for more of the spirit of truth for this time. What sticks out to me is the open relationship that Abraham had with God. God already knows what we think, he just want us to reveal it to Him in trust. The more we talk to God in confidence, the better our relations. Well until the next message.

    Brother K.
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