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“I have a deep interest in the youth, and I greatly desire to see them striving to perfect Christian characters, seeking by diligent study and earnest prayer to gain the training essential for acceptable service in the cause of God.” MYP 15

Dear youth, is it your desire to gain this essential training? We have good news for you! By God’s grace, we have started a new class to help train an army of youth! For this class, we will  prayerfully go through the book, Messages to Young People – one chapter at a time. 

As we study,  please feel free to ask questions and share what you’ve learned. It is our desire that these studies will be a great aid to you, in light of the approaching NSL test, and the soon coming of our Lord.

“Soon there is to be a grand review, in which every soul who is seeking to perfect a Christian character must bear the test…The heavenly host are interested in the youth; and they are intensely desirous that you will bear the test, and that to you will be spoken the words of approval, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant;…enter thou into the joy of the Lord.’” MYP 17

Chapter 1 | MYP

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