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Dear youth, what is the aim and purpose of your life?…Aim high, and spare no pains to reach the standard.” (MYP pg. 36)
We are living in the perils of the last days. All heaven is interested in the characters you are forming. Every provision has been made for you, that you should be a partaker of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. Man is not left alone to conquer the powers of evil by his own feeble efforts. Help is at hand, and will be given every soul who really desires it. Angels of God, that ascend and descend the ladder that Jacob saw in vision, will help every soul who will to climb even to the highest heaven. They are guarding the people of God, and watching how every step is taken. Those who climb the shining way will be rewarded; they will enter into the joy of their Lord.” (MYP pg. 39, 40)
Is it your desire to climb to new heights in your Christian experience? Do you want to answer the purpose of God in your creation? Find out how – in this week’s lesson!


Chapter 6 | MYP

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