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CHAPTER 16 | Ye Are Not Your Own


“The value that God places on the work of His hands, the love He has for His children, is revealed by the gift He made to redeem men.” (MYP pg. 69) 
You are not your own. Jesus has purchased you with His blood. Do not bury your talents in the earth. Use them for Him. In whatever business you may be engaged, bring Jesus into it. If you find that you are losing your love for your Saviour, give up your business, and say, ‘Here I am, Saviour; what wilt Thou have me to do?'” (MYP pg. 69)
By God’s grace, He will receive you graciously, and love you freely. Want to learn more? Please read chapter 16 in Messages to Young People, and answer the following questions in the study guide below. Plus, enjoy the coloring activity and word search puzzle! May God bless you!

Chapter 16 Reading | MYP


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