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CHAPTER 15 | The Soul Temple


Communion with the greatest Teacher the world has ever known, strengthens the understanding, illuminates the mind, and purifies the heart—elevates, refines, and ennobles the whole man”. (MYP pg. 65) 
“By faith and prayer all may meet the requirements of the gospel. No man can be forced to transgress. His own consent must be first gained; the soul must purpose the sinful act, before passion can dominate over reason, or iniquity triumph over conscience.” (MYP pg. 67)
By God’s grace, He can cleanse the soul temple. Is this your desire? Find out how this great work can be done – in this lesson! Please read chapter 15 in Messages to Young People, and answer the following questions in the study guide below. Plus, enjoy the coloring activity and word search puzzle! May God bless you!

Chapter 15 Study Guide | MYP

Chapter 15 Reading | MYP


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