Collecting And Raising Outpost Building Funds


“The desire accomplished
is sweet to the soul.”
Proverbs 13:19


Do you have a desire to advance the Lord’s cause, receive practical outpost training, experience a deeper relationship with Jesus, and help to finish His work? By God’s grace, we would like to help you accomplish just that! At the Eden Way Outpost, we are seeking to provide useful information and skill to help prepare a people to stand! As a means to broaden our span of service, we are seeking to finish a building on site, that would be used to hold future meetings and classes. This is the objective for C.A.R.O.B. Funds.

To finish the initial phase of the project, only $25,000 was needed. However, we praise the Lord that through those who have already tasted the sweetness of giving, our current goal is only $15,000. That is practically 150 people donating $100, or 30 people donating $500; or better yet, 15 people donating $1,000!

Could it get any sweeter? Oh yes! As a thank you, for every $100 donation and up, some tasty and healthy (SDA manufactured) carob bars shall be sent your way. In addition, the delicious Relief Work book series! Wouldn’t these delicacies be great to gift this holiday season? Just think, you can use these goodies to treat your friends and neighbors! Meanwhile, your entrusted means would be put into the finishing work. Are you envisioning this grand circuit of beneficence?

Give and it shall be given unto you! Please fill out the following form to send your contribution. And get a piece of the action today!

Building the Outpost, one bar at a time!