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Same Sex Marriages & the Last Days!

Just recently in Vermont, same sex marriages was legislated for  the first time! An article commenting on this historic event said, “other states have allowed gay marriage, as did Vermont,” but that Vermont has become “the first state to legalize gay marriage through...

The Cry for Sunday Worship Increasing!!

An article was just released in the month of june 2009, where you can hear more and more from the common people, a cry for the return of sunday worship! The article was called “A Day of Rest”. What does this mean? To read the article click here. But before...
Celebrity Foreclosures

Celebrity Foreclosures

If celebrity homes are going into foreclosures,I wonder if the economy is really getting better??? No…The worst on that is still yet to come, despite what many people think. To read the whole article of a few of the celebrities houses that are in foreclosure...