Country Living Class – Gardening

How would you like to learn how to grow all your own food? If you would be interested in learning, leave us a message. Here is one picture of a blessing of God that is growing in Messengers of Light small fall Garden. God is so wonderful to place these wonderful plants in our hands to remind us of His love and watch care for us. It reminds me of the matchless quotation that says:



“We are to regard the trees laden with fruit as the gift of God, just as much as though He placed the fruit in our hands.” {MM 8.2}

adjusted garden photo1


“The Protestant world have set up an idol sabbath in the place where God’s Sabbath should be, and they are treading in the footsteps of the Papacy. For this reason I see the necessity of the people of God moving out of the cities into retired country [places], where they may (1) cultivate the land and (2) raise their own produce. Thus they may bring their children up with simple, healthful habits. I see the necessity of making haste to get all things ready for the crisis.–Letter 90, 1897.  {2SM 359.5}



IMG-20131022-00407Very soon every one will wish they knew how to grow all their own food;  for very soon “the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one”.

“Again and again the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions; for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one. We should now begin to heed the instruction given us over and over again: Get out of the cities into rural districts, where the houses are not crowded closely together, and where you will be free from the interference of enemies.{CL 9.5}

How Would you like to be a part of our next gardening class? Leave us a message.


  1. Bro. R

    I woul d love to be blessed to be part of the class becouse i want to flee from nairobi kenya back to the country side so healp me.may God bless you all

  2. Sis. B

    Hello and blessings to all! Thank you for your dedication to teach. Although I live in Arizona, I would love more information about your gardening class as well as how to choose the right area for country living and the preparation needed to be there.

  3. Sis. N

    I would love to know more information on how to grow plants and on storing food. Thanks

  4. Sis. K

    I would be very interested in such a class. I’am a young college student but I feel God is pulling me in the direction of Country Living. To be given such an opportunity would help prepare me and many others.

    • MOL Assistance

      You are so right Sis! By God’s grace, we will have a schedule of those classes coming soon! God Bless!

  5. Bro. D

    I have followed the articles in your site with much delight. I am very interested in your gardening class, I live in Kenya and God has blessed our family with a 12 acre plot which we would like to use to His glory. If there is any information that would be useful we would greatly appreciate.

    God bless your ministry

  6. Sis. T

    I live in Atlanta, but want to find a place in the county. At this point, I don’t know where it will be; but, I am very interested in learning how to garden. I have bought books, but I believe hands on is the best experience. Thanks.


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