Show Me the Money!

The Bible says in Matthew 22:20, “Show me the …money…And he saith unto them, Whose [is] this image and superscription?”

If you have eyes to to see and ears to hear, then money itself will speak to you. Those who have studied the life of Christ may remember that when He was on this earth in human flesh that  our Saviour called the attention of the people of His day to the symbols on their money. And today those who understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ would notice some very interesting and prophetic symbols that are inscribed on our money today.


15 things you never noticed about money!

Take Just a moments and notice 15 things that the secular news called attention to concerning the symbols on money(of course their answers are a mixture of truth and error–be not deceived by their trickery- Revelation 12:9. But it is interesting…and the one who understands prophecy can read between the lines).

For I want you to notice that the public press reveals that it is no secret that since the 1970’s the value of our paper money is really nothing (separated from anything of intrinsic value)! To read the full article click here.