600 billion dollars more will be injected into circulation- how much more can the economy take?

The gov. has decided that what is needed to restore and maintain a good economy is to inject another 600 billion dollars into the economy? But anybody who knows what money is, knows that this is a recipe for disaster. This economic practice is lighting a time bomb, it is only a matter of  time before the whole thing collapses. How much more can the crippled economy take? To read the whole article click here. and the newest article which says, “WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve will buy a total of $105 billion worth of government bonds starting later this week as it launches a new program to invigorate the economy.

The bonds will be purchased through a series of 18 operations that start on Friday and end on Dec. 9, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Wednesday. The purchases are the first since the Fed announced last week that it will buy a total of $600 billion worth of Treasury bonds over the next eight months.” click here to read the whole article.

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