A Very Present Help

“The world’s already huge debt load smashed the record for the highest debt-to-GDP ratio,” even before the year 2019 ended! At $253 trillion, the Institute of International Finance expects that these levels will rise even higher this year – 2020. The world is drowning in debt!

Debts must not be allowed to accumulate term after term. The very highest kind of education that could be given is to shun the incurring of debt as you would shun disease. When one year after another passes, and there is no sign of diminishing the debt, but it is rather increased, a halt should be called… {6T 211.2}

Moment by moment, man inches closer to the limit of God’s mercy extended towards us. Soon, all who are living will witness the time of a global, economic collapse. These events are just before us, and it behooves all to hearken unto God’s warning call; a message of escape from this coming crisis.

… in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one. We should now begin to heed the instruction given us over and over again: Get out of the cities into rural districts, where the houses are not crowded closely together, and where you will be free from the interference of enemies... {CL 9.5}

While we still have the opportunity, we must obtain a more thorough knowledge of the will of God, and of His plan to save us from these coming events.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psa. 46:1). To learn how to get in position, in cooperation with Him, to prepare a people to stand during this solemn time of trouble – order one of our recent preparation series, “The Final Exodus“. God has a divine system of living that must well be established, to shelter us from the destruction of this great collapse. Have you taken the challenge? There is no time to lose; for these final, prophetic movements will indeed be rapid ones!

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!


Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!