America’s Invitation to the Pope to Address Congress (Prophetic)

Prophecy is being Rapidly fulfilled. The news reports have buzzed about an event that recently took place on Capital Hill. Washington “leaders have invited Pope Francis to address a joint session of Congress during his expected visit to the United States next year.” And another said, “If the pontiff accepts, it would be unprecedented. No pope or religious leader that serves as a head of state has ever addressed Congress, according to the U.S. House Historian’s office” to read the whole article click here

Truly, the final movements are rapid ones, being fulfilled right before our eyes. Never before in the history of protestant America has the Pope been invited to speak before congress. Just another evidence that the protest is over!

“God’s word has given warning of the impending danger; let this be unheeded, and the Protestant world will learn what the pope shrewdness picpurposes of Rome really are, only when it is too late to escape the snare. She is silently growing into power. Her doctrines are exerting their influence in legislative halls, in the churches, and in the hearts of men. She is piling up her lofty and massive structures in the secret recesses of which her former persecutions will be repeated. Stealthily and unsuspectedly she is strengthening her forces to further her own ends when the time shall come for her to strike. All that she desires is vantage ground, and this is already being given her. We shall soon see and shall feel what the purpose of the Roman element is. Whoever shall believe and obey the word of God will thereby incur reproach and persecution. {GC 581.2}

 “Protestants have tampered with and patronized popery; they have made compromises and concessions which papists themselves are surprised to see and fail to understand. Men are closing their eyes to the real character of Romanism and the dangers to be apprehended from her supremacy. The people need to be aroused to resist the advances of this most dangerous foe to civil and religious liberty.” {GC 566.1}

 Oh, that we might awaken before it is too late. To read the whole news article click here. To understand its implications from the perspective of Bible prophecy get our recent series our greatest need” (click here).