Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen Says Sunday Law is needed! (VeryProphetic)

senator allen pic 2The General public has recently been stirred because an Arizona senator stated on floor of a committee hearing that , “”We are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity we have…. Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth. ” To read whole article click here or here

The Bible in the book of Revelation 13:11-17 foretells that a time of religious intolerance would come that will lead America to pass a National Sunday law. This will bring about a final crisis. Recent events show us this time is just before us! Are you ready? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus as we should? These are questions we need to carefully consider.

We are further told in inspiration:

   ” Satan puts his interpretation upon events, and they think, as he would have them, that the calamities which fill the land are a result of Sundaybreaking. Thinking to appease the wrath of God these influential men make laws enforcing Sunday observance.–10MR 239 (1899).  {LDE 129.4}
“This very class put forth the claim that the fast-spreading corruption is largely attributable to the desecration of the so-called “Christian sabbath” and that the enforcement of Sunday observance would greatly improve the morals of society. This claim is especially urged in America, where the doctrine of the true Sabbath has been most widely preached.–GC 587 (1911).  {LDE 129.5}


We can see Sunday laws approaching!

Heretofore those who presented the truths of the third angel’s message have often been regarded as mere alarmists. Their predictions that religious intolerance would gain control in the United States, that church and state would unite to persecute those who keep the commandments of God, have been pronounced groundless and absurd. It has been confidently declared that this land could never become other than what it has been–the defender of religious freedom. But as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated, the event so long doubted and disbelieved is seen to be approaching, and the third message will produce an effect which it could not have had before.  {GC 605.3}

To see this Sunday law agitation look for yourself (play short clip)….

“this generation shall not pass til all these things be fulfilled” (Matthew 24:, 32-34).

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