Developing Food Crisis in America and Around the World.

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. consumers could see food costs spiking to levels seen during the food crisis of 2008 as higher commodity and energy prices force companies to raise prices on products lining grocery store shelves, the Agriculture Department said on Thursday.

“Food prices are forecast to rise a sharp 3.5 percent this year — nearly double the overall inflation rate. The lion’s share of the increase is expected in the second half of 2011 when the recent uptick for commodities, such as corn and soybeans, makes its way through the food system. Just last month, USDA forecast an increase of 2.5 percent in 2011.

The news reported  that , “FOOD INFLATION COULD LEAD TO RIOTS”

To read the whole article click here or here (this article speaks of possible civil unrest as a result). Yes, a series of events are shaping in ameria and around the world that will lead to conditions very similar to the french revolution.

To find out the relationship of this crisis and prophecy click here.