It Is High Time

With all of the challenges being faced in today’s society, sadly, 19–23 million families (those who are currently renting their homes) are at risk of being evicted by September 30th. These evictions will add to the nation’s problems, as it battles the widening Covid-19 outbreak, and the accompanying economic recession.

It is high time to unite with God’s plan, to bring relief to the distress of the nations in this world. To understand these current events, in light of Bible prophecy, we’ll see you in less than 2 weeks, at the Upper Room Experience camp meeting, in preparation for the Latter Rain.

If ever there was a time when we needed the special guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is now. We need a thorough consecration. It is fully time that we gave to the world a demonstration of the power of God in our own lives and in our ministry… {AG 200.4}

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!