Living Fountain or Broken Cisterns?

In India, the second most populated country in the world, it is estimated that 600 million people are presently dealing with high to extreme water shortages. Although Chennai (the country’s 6th largest city) has several reservoirs designed to supply water to its residents, because of many factors, these cisterns are “cracked, open, dry, and sun-baked.”

According to the World Economic Forum, two-thirds of the world population could be living in water-stressed countries by 2025, which will also affect food supplies. We won’t need to wait until such time, however. Today a water crisis is plaguing our world, even affecting the cities in the U.S. This is true in the natural sense; and from it, Christ is seeking for us to understand its spiritual application:

The same divine mind that is working upon the things of nature is speaking to the hearts of men and creating an inexpressible craving for something they have not. The things of the world cannot satisfy their longing. The Spirit of God is pleading with them to seek for those things that alone can give peace and rest–the grace of Christ, the joy of holiness. Through influences seen and unseen, our Saviour is constantly at work to attract the minds of men from the unsatisfying pleasures of sin to the infinite blessings that may be theirs in Him. To all these souls, who are vainly seeking to drink from the broken cisterns of this world, the divine message is addressed, “Let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17.  {SC 28.1} 

In this world, our churches, and even in our homes, there are persons who are dying of thirst. Although it may be your desire to help these precious souls, have you tasted of the Living Fountain, first?

If there is “an inexpressible craving for something that you have not”, Christ bids you, “Come”, before it is too late! For additional guidance to help you gain this experience with Him, please join us in August, and understand His plans of preparation for these coming events. Our Father longs to quench the thirst of all His children. By His grace, may we accept this invitation, today!


Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!


Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!