‘Pope of the Poor’ Secretly Living Up to His Nickname – Prophetic

The newly elected Pope Francis has beet nicknamed the “Pope of the Poor”, this is very prophetic! What does it mean? Well before we answer the question from inspiration, let us see what recent news reports have been saying about this, “Pope Francis is one of the most progressive leaders in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, with his positive remarks and statements on women, gay people, and atheists. (He’s also slaying on Twitter with his uplifting daily affirmations.)

He’s done a lot of good since his papacy began in March 2013, but the Pope knows that he can still make a difference even without his long white robe.

It’s been revealed that Pope Francis, who is justly earning his nickname “Pope of the Poor,” has been sneaking out of the Vatican at night in disguise to help those in need. “Swiss Guards confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women,” a source told The Huffington Post.” To read the whole article click here

To find out what it means read GC 234-236 (written over a hundred years ago)!

If you still don’t understand after you read or don’t know what GC is to read it for yourself leave a reply and we will give you this much needed essential truth for this time. May God bless you as we seek to draw closer and closer to Jesus Christ. Please read John 17:3,17; 8:31-36.