Pope urges ethics in economic policy

Truly things are lining themselves up for the time when no man can buy or sell save he have the mark of the beast. see Revelation 13:16, 17. Our economic structure is soon to be changed to make way for the mark of the beast!

This recent article talks about the growing concern of the ecomic crisis (this was agitated by riots in London as well as the european economic crisis). Notice the following account recorded in the washington post:

MADRID — Pope Benedict XVI denounced the profit-at-all-cost mentality that he says is behind Europe’s economic crisis as he arrived in hard-hit Spain on Thursday, adding that morals and ethics must play a greater role in formulating economic policy in the future. “Benedict made the comments as he traveled to Madrid for World Youth Day, a weeklong Catholic festival that is taking place against a backdrop of the European debt crisis and social unrest among the young that exploded recently in rioting across Britain.

Benedict said the crisis and sense of desperation among young people proved that ethics have been increasingly left out of formulating economic policy at local and international levels.

 “The economy doesn’t function with market self-regulation but needs an ethical reason to work for mankind,” he told reporters traveling on the papal plane. “Man must be at the center of the economy, and the economy cannot be measured only by maximization of profit but rather according to the common good.” To read the whole article click here
If you doubt sunday laws are really coming read here (this is from a catholic news source). Yes the sunday law is coming and God is asking us to allow the true sun of righteousness (Jesus Christ) to arise in our hearts before it is to late (please read Mal. 4:2; 2Peter 1:19, Col. 1:27). This is our only Hope. We need an experience with Jesus like never before.