President Obama warned of a possible government shutdown (Are we ready for such a reaction?)

Fox news reported that “Obama Issues Government Shutdown Threat”

This is what fox news report on the: “Anatomy of a Government Shutdown

“Of course a shutdown is possible because that’s what the Republicans are threatening us with on national TV, Meet the Press or one of those dandies or whatever the show was. The Republican leader was asked, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘is there going to be a government shutdown?’ and he wouldn’t respond to the question. So, this isn’t Schumer or Reid or Hoyer. Of course it’s a possibility. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid talking to reporters about House Speaker John Boehner

President Obama warned of stopped Social Security checks and issued a formal veto threat Tuesday to the Republican spending plan currently being debated in the House, setting the stage for a potential government shutdown next month.”

“Democrats in the last congress did not pass a budget at all, so the government has run on a series of stopgap spending extensions since October. The current one expires March 4…

t will then be up to a similar coalition of Blue Dog Democrats and most Republicans to put through the Senate plan over Tea Party protests. This is when things will get very dicey for the House leadership. There are many in their caucus who would much rather see the government shut down than yield in their pledge to slash spending.

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The significance of the article is not so much on the President as the result of such moves will have upon the majority of americans that are dependent on the government to survive. These facts of troubles (and many others just like it) are a part of a developing crisis that cannot disappear. A storm is coming!