Riots in London – Prophetic
Recent reports say that the , “The wave of rioting in its third night was sparked by the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old father in North London Thursday. Police have said the man shot at them first. Angry protesters demonstrated against the death Saturday and the march soon degenerated into chaos. To read the whole article click here.

We have been told in both the Bible and Spirit of prophecy that rioting and bloodshed are soon to fill all the cities of our world with chaos. And that which is going on in so called civilized London is soon to come to this country (america) and we are not ready.
We have been instructed individually ( as well as those with families) to get out of the cities into retired places in the country, and from these country, evangelistic outposts we are to warn and prepare the world.
If you have seen any of our recent series of prophetic end-time events it all makes sense and it is clear that it is only a matter of time before these condition come to america (all that is necessary is the  completion of the economic collapse of prophetic proportion. And this is soon to happen).
Please, let us turn to Jesus and get ready before it is too late. And may God help us to reach out and to help as many others as possible.