Same-Sex Marriage rights are sweeping the country – (Very Prophetic)

same sex marriage pic 2In Recent month’s we have seen the rise and rapid spreading of same-sex marriage legislation in our country. To read some of the latest updates on the sweeping same-sex marriage legislation (click here)  Soon the entire nation will be engulfed in a social condition that indicates that we have reached the limit – Just like Sodom and Gomorrah (see Luke 17:26-32). This is highly prophetic proving with inspired clarity (if you study carefully) that we are living in the time of the legislating of counterfeit Sabbath (NSL). We have just explored its biblical and prophetic relationship and urgency in a recent series entitled “The Great Clock of Time”. If you would be interested in where all this is headed and soon….and how we can be prepared in a saving relationship with Jesus, leave a message below with your contact information!