The Investigative Judgement & NSL [Video]

Recently, during the Revival & Reformation series in Honduras, we discussed and showed clearly from the Bible & Spirit of Prophecy the divine position and subject of the Investigative Judgement and the National Sunday Law. There has been speculation that judgement has already passed from the dead to the living; in 2001, in 2008, in 2015, etc…

Brothers & Sisters, we must be prayerful, and study to show ourselves approved unto God; and not be swayed by every wind of doctrine blowing.

Man is finite; there is no light in his wisdom. His unaided reason can explain nothing in the deep things of God, nor can he understand the spiritual lessons that God has placed in the material world. But reason is a gift of God, and His Spirit will aid those who are willing to be taught. Man’s words, if of any value, echo the words of God… {CT 423.3}

Please prayerfully watch the following video clip, from these recent meetings, to understand the inspired position for such speculations. As is mentioned, we have some DVD series that go into greater detail on these subjects, as needed – text by text, and quotation by quotation (“The History of Redemption” series; and the “Investigative Judgement” series); subjects that, along with the Sanctuary, the people of God should clearly understand!