The World is preparing for Sunday Worship!

It is interesting that while many close their eyes to the facts of prophecy, history and current events is speaking eloguently to the fact that time is almost finished and that we are indeed approaching the last act in the drama—the passing of a national Sunday law in America.

    Just recently there has been a rise of Sunday laws in Germany(and many others are following suit. To name a few : England, Croatia, Austria etc.) One news article said, “Germany’s highest court has ruled that Sunday should be kept as a day of rest and has overturned a Berlin law easing restrictions on Sunday shopping. Most German newspapers on Wednesday greet the ruling, some for reasons of religion and tradition, others out of a concern for workers’ rights.”

I Wonder what this means??

Could it be that the world is preparing to “wonder after the beast” Revelation 13:3! Those who know the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation know that this is exactly what it means–that Sunday’s Coming, not just to germany but to the united states of America–which is the last act in the drama (see 7T141) !

The only question is are we ready? To read the article in full concerning Sunday laws in Germany, click here.

Let us seek the Lord without delay. Oh, that we might know Him (Jesus)!

 “Brethren, to whom the truths of God’s word have been opened, what part will you act in the closing scenes of this world’s history? Are you awake to these solemn realities? Do you realize the grand work of preparation that is going on in heaven and on earth? Let all who have received the light, who have had the opportunity of reading and hearing the prophecy, take heed to those things that are written therein; “for the time is at hand.” Let none now tamper with sin, the source of every misery in our world. No longer remain in lethargy and stupid indifference. Let not the destiny of your soul hang upon an uncertainty. Know that you are fully on the Lord’s side. Let the inquiry go forth from sincere hearts and trembling lips, ‘Who shall be able to stand?’ Have you, in these last precious hours of probation, been putting the very best material into your character-building? Have you been purifying your souls from every stain? Have you followed the light? Have your works corresponded to your profession of faith? Is the softening, subduing influence of the grace of God working upon you? Have you hearts that can feel, eyes that can see, ears that can hear? Is it in vain that the declaration of eternal truth has been made concerning the nations of the earth? They are under condemnation, preparing for the judgments of God; and in this day, which is big with eternal results, the people chosen to be the depositaries of momentous truth ought to be abiding in Christ.” {GCB, July 1, 1902 par. 15}