This Is Prophecy

America is witnessing many “firsts” with the results of its ongoing and tumultuous election. History is being made; yet, “Biden is set to become the second Catholic president” in the history of this country. Can he resolve the division in these United States? – is a question that many are asking. While some wonder if he can “…help heal his own deeply divided church“.

There is no “coincidence” that a nation once considered Protestant has now elected a Catholic president; with a majority Catholic Supreme Court. The fact that the world is hoping a man can help heal the wounds of its church… is prophecy!

The United States is the power represented by the beast with lamblike horns, and . . . this prophecy will be fulfilled when the United States shall enforce Sunday observance, which Rome claims as the special acknowledgment of her supremacy. But in this homage to Papacy the United States will not be alone. The influence of Rome in the countries that once acknowledged her dominion, is still far from being destroyed. And prophecy foretells a restoration of her power. “I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3. {FLB 329.3}

History is simply prophecy that has been fulfilled. God’s Word is sure and these final events will come to pass – in its order. For a deeper understanding of the signs of these times, please join our weekly Bible study. [Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!]


Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!