United or Divided?

The evidence of division in the “United” States of America is certainly revealed on a day-to-day basis. In the political arena alone –with talks of collusion, subpoenas, and impeachment– there is so much discord between the country’s leaders, and many are questioning the underhanded movements.

When asked about the state of the nation (and in agreement with the chairman of the Judiciary committee), Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, declared that the U.S. is in “a constitutional crisis“; and that this administration has “decided they are not going to honor their oath of office”.

As we have highlighted in a previous post, this present crisis is the foreshadowing of a future, national and world-wide emergency. Inspiration warns that these movements that are leading toward the enforcement of the Sunday Law are right upon us; this divided world will soon fall.

We are standing on the threshold of great and solemn events. Prophecy is fast fulfilling. The Lord is at the door. There is soon to open before us a period of overwhelming interest to all living. The controversies of the past are to be revived. New controversies will arise. The scenes to be enacted in our world are not even dreamed of. Satan is at work through human agencies. Those who are making so great efforts to change the Constitution and secure a law enforcing the first day of the week little realize what will be the result. A crisis is just upon us


But God’s servants are not to trust to themselves in this great emergency. In the visions given to Isaiah, to Ezekiel, and to John, we see how closely heaven is connected with the events transpiring upon the earth. We see the care of God for those who are loyal to him. The program of coming events is in the hands of the Lord; the world is not without a ruler. The Majesty of heaven has the destiny of nations, as well as the concerns of his church, in his own hands. {RH, January 11, 1887}

Although the fidelity of this world’s human leadership may be in question, we have a sovereign King who reigns supreme! He is righteous in all His ways, honoring the covenant He has made with His children. At the time when this crisis breaks, only those who know by experience that He “satisfiest the desire of every living thing” will be able to find safety in His hands.

It is essential, at this time, that each person occupy their position –on earth– which God designs them to fill. For a simple guide to help you unite in this finishing work with Christ –in the Most Holy Place– and develop your faith and trust in Him, order The Sanctuary Made Practical (also available in Spanish).  Then, please join us, August 6 – 11, at our annual Upper Room Experience camp meeting*, to learn more about these prophetic events; and the plans that God has given us, in preparation to stand during this soon coming crisis. We must advance!


Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!

Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!


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