Unrest is sweeping the world: Libya and prophecy

We have been told that unrest would sweep our world just prior to the second coming of Jesus, it is happening right before our eyes! Notice what is happening in Libya (and around the world that matter)  that will definitely have prophetic consequences on the united sates of america bringing in the sunday law. Then we will see a series of events bringing in a time of trouble on the entire world (Daniel 12:1; Revelation 13:3, 11-17). This will be an international crisis. Oh, that God may prepare His people all around the world for this coming crisis. Oh, that we might know Jesus (John 17:3).

Notice the report of the growing international crisis:

BENGHAZI, Libya – The scope of Moammar Gadhafi’s control in Libya was whittled away Wednesday as major cities and towns closer to the capital fell to the rebellion against his rule. In Libya’s east, now all but broken away, the opposition vowed to “liberate” Tripoli, where the Libyan leader is holed up with a force of militiamen roaming the streets.

In a further sign of Gadhafi’s faltering hold, two air force pilots — one from the leader’s own tribe — parachuted out of their warplane and let it crash into the deserts of eastern Libya, rather than follow orders to bomb a opposition-held city.

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“International momentum was building for action to punish Gadhafi’s regime for the bloody crackdown it has unleashed against the week-old uprising. The White House said it is reviewing options to compel Libya to stop violence, including sanctions. French President Nicolas Sarkozy raised the possibility of the EU cutting off economic ties.

Another proposal gaining some traction was for the United Nations to declare a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent it using warplanes to hit protesters. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said that if reports of such strikes are confirmed, “there’s an immediate need for that level of protection.”

“The violence is abhorrent, it is completely unacceptable and the bloodshed must stop,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in Washington.

Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said estimates of some 1,000 people killed in the violence in Libya were “credible,” although he stressed information about casualties was incomplete. The New York-based Human Rights Watch has put the death toll at nearly 300, according to a partial count. To read the whole article click here is unbelievable!

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