War of the Economies

The world’s two largest economies are back at it, again! Just weeks after they appeared to be on the verge of brokering a deal, the United States and China continue to fight in this trade war. Last year, we discussed how President Trump made the initial move, by imposing taxes (tariffs) on goods exported by China…

Earlier this month, his administration raised the taxes from 10% to 25%, on those thousands of goods received. Some Americans have wondered, “Why does this affect me?” Well, because it is U.S. importers (not China) who are paying these tariffs; and it is quite possible that every Chinese export will soon be taxed at this level – leaving businesses, farmers, and several thousands of American families to feel the effects.

Monied men, with an insatiable desire for power, control these markets. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are clear in its warnings; the results of these current (and soon coming) events will have global casualties, for the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one.

Fearful is the issue to which the world is to be brought. The powers of earth, uniting to war against the commandments of God, will decree that no man may buy or sell, save he that has the mark of the beast, and, finally, that whoever refuses to receive the mark shall be put to death. {4SP 422}


In the last great conflict of the controversy with Satan those who are loyal to God will see every earthly support cut off. Because they refuse to break His law in obedience to earthly powers, they will be forbidden to buy or sell… {DA 122}

Does God not have a plan, for those who are loyal to Him? Fear not – God ALWAYS has a plan! Yet, to the obedient, His promises of escape during this time of trouble are based on condition…

The Source and Supplier of every one of our needs has given us a new system of living, to be established before this crisis breaks. It is God’s economyThe Eden Economy– not dependent on Babylon, or the world, for its products and services. He desires that each of us (in cooperation with Himself, the heavenly angels, and with each other) become faithful stewards of all the resources that He provides. Time is running out! Who’s up for the pioneering spirit? Join us, and begin the Eden Economy Challenge, today! [Learn How]


Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!

Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!