While The World Is On Pause…

Who would have known that while this year’s “Loud Cry School” was in progress, life in this nation (and the world) would change – in just one week? A few days after the training school ended, the CDC and White House issued stark guidelines for Americans during this coronavirus pandemic. Although not yet a mandate, the government is now asking persons to “avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people.” This means schools, social events, and “non-essential” businesses should cancel or postpone future gatherings.

God knew: and despite what is taking place around us – He orders that which His providence sees best. With these prophetic events rapidly fulfilling, let nothing hinder the work from advancing!

We are made sad as we see in many places so much left undone that should be done. But the Lord will use in the accomplishment of His work means that we do not now see. He will raise up from among the common people, men and women to do His work, even as of old He called fishermen to be His disciples. There will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done will be passed by, and the heavenly messengers will work with those who are called the common people, fitting them to carry the truth to many places… {15MR 312.5}

While this nation and the world are currently “on pause”, please use this time to *prepare physically and spiritually for the crisis. Now is the time to wake up, understand, and do our part in God’s finishing work. If we are faithful and yield to the workings of His Spirit, we will not be afraid of these solemn events. Though a thousand shall fall at one side, and ten thousand at the right, God will prepare His people to stand!

“… Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high,

because he hath known my name.” – Psalms 91


Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!


Keeping you updated on current events, in light of Bible Prophecy… Until next week – Maranatha!


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