A Final Appeal

Our annual camp-meetings are of great importance, and all who possibly can should attend them…

– The Review and Herald, August 15, 1882


We are less than a week away, from our 14th-Annual, Upper Room Experience camp meeting! Praises go to our heavenly Father, for all He continues to do, as we prepare for this year’s holy convocation. The expression that there is, “GREAT work to do… and but LITTLE time in which to do it,” is certainly not an understatement! And the enemy of souls, knowing that this time is indeed short, is seeking to do all that he can to hinder God’s work from going forward.

If God allowed us to witness –in full– the spiritual warfare that is taking place around us, how many would dare to get off of their knees? Year after year, the Lord has been revealing to us exactly what it means to be a part of this final generation; and in just a few short months, the winds of strife will be felt.

Nevertheless, as the Lord leads, we continue to press towards the mark! We know that satan is a defeated foe. By God’s grace, we must – we will advance! God has given us a plan, for the saving of His house. The invitation is for all… what will you decide?

To be a part of the Upper Room Experience, in preparation for the Latter Rain, it is not too late – register today!

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