End-Time Camp Meeting 2012 is Almost Here!

Upper Room Experience presents our annual end-time retreat and camp meeting entitled : “Time To Finish the Work”.  Urgent, Time is running out…Sign Up Today! To download application click here

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CAMP MEETING IS ALMOST HERE! Finally, by the grace of God we have secured a beautiful  retreat site for “Camp Meeting 2012,” which is also camp meeting #7. We have taken a leap of faith in securing this facility and now we need your immediate response.

Both of the ministries (MOL and Apocalypse) have received numerous calls concerning this much anticipated camp meeting, now the ball is in your court. We need a minimum of 350 people signed up with all fees paid by July 1st. This is necessary for  our contract with the facility, so that we may have an exclusive and private experience. So, please do not procrastinate, fill out the enclosed application and respond ASAP. Thanks in advance for your promptness. A  convenient payment plan is  outlined later on in this letter. The facility is located about 3 hr away from Atlanta, Georgia. It is a beautiful location with many amenities. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE.

 Brothers and sisters we believe that prophecy indicates that heaven is astir in preparation to finish the work and therefore our focus for this camp meeting #7 is: “TIME TO FINISH THE WORK”.

Truly, we believe that it is “TIME TO FINISH THE WORK”! There has never been a generation in the history of this world that has lived in a time as solemn and significant as we are in today. God is seeking to save us and our families at all cost. Among the agencies that God is using are the end-time retreats and camp meetings that are focused on Jesus and His truth for these last days that are to prepare a people to meet Him.

We are told in inspiration:

“Our annual camp-meetings are of great importance, and all who possibly can should attend them. They should feel that the Lord requires this of them. If God’s people neglect the privileges which he has provided for them to become strong in him, they will grow weaker and weaker and have less and less desire to consecrate all to him. The object of these holy convocation meetings is that the brethren may be separated from business cares and burdens, and devote a few days exclusively to seeking the Lord.” {RH, August 15, 1882 par. 1}

 We believe God is seeking to do mighty things in this camp meeting, and we therefore want to make it possible for as many to attend as possible. To make it easier for each person or family to meet the payments we have divided the payments into three parts. The payment plan schedule is as follows:

 May 1st: First payment which will be 1/3 of your total cost (PAYMENT DESIRED BEFORE BUT NO LATTER THAN MAY1ST , 2012).

 June 1st: Second payment -which will be 2/3 of your total cost (PAYMENT DESIRED BEFORE BUT NO LATTER THAN JUNE 1ST , 2012). 

July 1st:Third and final payment (which will be the balance of your total cost or 3/3 of your final payment.

 Oh, that God will help us to make any sacrifice to meet the costs that we may be a part of this camp meeting (if God so impresses you, we are also collecting a fund that will help families that maybe struggling). And may God use us to spread this opportunity to share this last message to friends and family. All those who help to bring (10 guests or more please ask for the special gospel worker rate). Let us follow the words of Christ and compel God’s people to come into this camp meeting experience before it is too late (Luke 14:23)!

 The times we live in demands a real experience and we are working with God to facilitate a camp meeting that will do more than give us information but will help move us into a deeper experience as individuals and families, for both young and old. We will have several surprise features for our camp meeting / end-time retreat this year (both intensely practical and very tangible to help families that are seeking to follow God’s plan in these last days) and we are sure all will be blessed and none will want to miss out!

For each to get the highest possible experience it will be necessary for each individual and family to begin the work of consecration from now. We are told that many fail of receiving the blessings that God desires to give in such gatherings and holy convocations because they have failed to make the necessary preparation (this another reason for this letter). Notice the following inspired counsel:

The object of these holy convocation meetings is that the brethren may be separated from business cares and burdens, and devote a few days exclusively to seeking the Lord. But some of these meetings are far from being what the Lord designed they should be. The people come unprepared for the visitation of God’s Holy Spirit.” {RH, August 15, 1882 par. 1}

Would that I could impress upon ministers and people the necessity of a deeper work of grace in the heart, and more thorough preparation to enter into the spirit and labor of our camp-meetings, that they may receive the greatest possible benefit from the meeting. These yearly gatherings may be seasons of special blessing, or they may be a great injury to spirituality. Which shall they be to you, dear reader? It remains for each to decide for himself. {RH, August 15, 1882 par. 16}

“Here is a work for families to engage in before coming up to our holy convocations. Let the preparation for eating and dressing be a secondary matter, but let deep heart-searching commence at home. Pray three times a day, and like Jacob be importunate. At home is the place to find Jesus; then take him with you to the meeting, and how precious will be the hours you spend there. But how can you expect to feel the presence of the Lord and see his power displayed, when the individual work of preparation for that time is neglected… Oh, how much is lost by neglecting this important work! … Let pride be crucified, and the soul be clad with the priceless robe of Christ’s righteousness, and what a meeting you will enjoy. It will be to your soul even as the gate of Heaven. {RH, August 15, 1882 par. 7, 8}

 Oh friends, time is short. Let us prepare as never before. Please do not delay. Sign up today and work to bring friends and families, so that together we may all truly have “an upper room experience in preparation for the latter rain”. Please call # (256) 683-0959 or (931) 363-2059 for speedy registration.

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  1. Bro. S

    I can not wait to come to this event. Last year was outstanding and a true blessing for me and my family thank you so much to all who continue to bring the WORD to life for us!!!!!


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