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For the Economist-to-Be:




This 2-disc series is well worth the money! Who doesn’t want to learn how to get out of debt, and owe nothing but love? Give the gift that can help set someone financially free!



For the Seekers of Truth:



The truths contained in this 12-disc series are as far-reaching as eternity. The blessed receiver will unwrap both history and prophecy! Gift this unforgettable experience to someone you love! 




For the Decision Makers:


Decisions, decisions… Help a soul contemplating marriage to make the right one. This 5-disc gift can literally help save someone’s life! If not now, they’ll be sure to thank you later.





For the Identity Hunters:



In this day and age, many are seeking to find themselves, their true identity, and their purpose in life. Help a SDA sister or brother out, by gifting them with this 4-disc treasure.




For the Merry Songsters:


Who’s up for sharing a double blessing? This 2-disc CD album is one of a kind. Not only will your loved ones hear sweet, heavenly music, sung by an angelic voice, but also the inspiring stories behind each hymn! What’s not to love?




For the Food Scientists:


Share the science of healthful cooking –and wet some appetites while you’re at it– with delicious plant-based recipes, such as breakfast sausages, french toast, and creamy oatmeal! Yum!




For the True Storybook Reader:

“With real-life testimonies, such as Escape from Death, who needs the dramatic illusions found on television? The way the Holy Spirit intertwined the lives of various individuals –bringing them into truth– is fascinating! You will not want to put this book down; and before you know it, this miraculous story will be over. Although short and sweet, Escape from Deathleaves you with the satisfying and lasting impression that God is worthy to be praised!”  –Sis. T


For the Common People:

“A powerful, redeeming message, presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way: The Sanctuary Made Practicalis a book that will help everyone to better comprehend the position and work of Christ during these closing hours of probation, and how only through cooperation with God can we gain the victory over satan, sin, and selfishness.”  –Sis. R



For the Lovers of the Beautiful:


A mother wrote the ministry expressing that, at first, she didn’t see the beauty in the duty of dress reform. However, as she witnessed the transforming power of God, after her teenage daughter read this book, she couldn’t help but pick it up for herself. As a result, by the grace of God, both mother and daughter have become lovers of God’s plan for dressing the body and soul. Can you think of any daughters or mothers, in your sphere of influence, that this book could bless? Tis’ the season!



For Everyone!:

Seriously, this “How to Live” series has two books that fit all!  You can’t go wrong by gifting these sacred gems, to anyone and everyone – both SDA and non-SDA. Great for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, young, and old. 

These books offer a superior system of living, that helps one to know God in the practical experiences of daily life! In fact, they are so good that if you don’t already have a set, you should probably get yourself a copy too! 





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