March’s Combination Store Special

Greetings! Recently at the Eden Way Outpost, we have been learning that you can’t have an outpost without a schedule. Having a plan in place, in the beginning of each day, week, month, etc., helps bring about order. In fact, in the beginning, we can discover that God Himself had a schedule when He created the earth. On the first day of the week, He divided the light and darkness; the second day, He separated the firmament from the waters, and so on. Literally, God had a plan set in motion for each day of the week! Who is like unto Thee?

By God’s grace, we can operate on a similar program.To help the daughters of God, in particular, we have just the product:

Gentlewoman’s Agenda – a detailed, un-dated yearly planner (you can use it at anytime of the year!); aspiring virtuous women to utilize time wisely. For such a time as this, this simple memorandum can assist queens and princesses of Christian homes to become diligent in their business, so that they can be prepared to stand true to God! For the month of March, get a FREE agenda with the purchase of the DVD series, ‘For Such a Time As This’! This prophecy series can help one have the end in mind, when jotting down daily tasks to meet the Kingdom’s goal. Time is of the essence, put in your order today! [click here]

Agenda Features: A daily “to do” lists, meal planning, memory gems, special Sabbath spread, monthly goal-setting pages, budget worksheets, and even a place to write down tithes and offering! In addition, there is a section for gentle reminders, notes, dates to remember, healthful living, and more.

Take a glimpse of some of the treasures within:





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