Heavenly Music

Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs are gifts from God, and weapons to be used in this Christian warfare. “God is seeking to fit us for everlasting life. He longs that His people shall catch the strains of heavenly music, for He is our crown of rejoicing.” {21MR 28.2}

We are pleased to share with you some beautiful songs of worship. We pray that you and your family will be blessed, as you keep these sweet melodies in your heart.


Worship Hymns, sung by Sis. Melissa Oretade [Listen Now]


  1. Friend

    where can I find a SDA hymnal songs on CD?

    • Development Support

      Thank you for asking. We have some cds in our shop here with some lovely hymns on it.

  2. Bro. K

    Praise the Lord, MOL Family, that he has sacred music to which he consent for us to listen to. By His grace my mother sung for the Lord. Oh, how I miss her beautiful voice! She could sing on the spot when singing for the Lord. Praise God for His song birds, who by faith have been entrusted to bring His mercy to our ears.

    Until He comes, we must work while it is day!

    • MOL Assistance

      Praise the Lord for blessing each of us with gifts and talents to bless and edify one another. May we be faithful so that we may each take part in the grand reunion in Heaven; singing songs of praise, together, on that sea of glass! God bless!


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