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Greetings Brothers & Sisters! Today we shall enter into a new section entitled, Eating For Strength. “Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness!” Eccl. 10:17

Protein, The Muscle Builder

There can be no life in the body without protein. Protein is a constituent of many of the enzymes. It enters into the formation of hemoglobin in the red corpuscle. Protein is the substance which builds and repairs tissue, including muscles, but it does not cause the muscle to move—the energy foods do that. 

Proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen as do fats and carbohydrates; but to construct proteins nitrogen is added, and a small amount of sulphur; the protein in brain and nerve tissue also contains phosphorus.

Proteins are complex substance built up of amino acids, of which there are about twenty-four. By mysterious forces they are put together into an unlimited number of different arrangements to form the many kinds of living organisms something the same as the 28 letters of the alphabet are used to build up all of the words in the dictionary. Therefore the amino acids are sometimes called “building stones.” They are absorbed from the intestines into the blood as individual “stones” and then put together to form any kind of tissue or organ as is needed.

To accomplish all of their manifold tasks all of the amino acids must be available in the body or some cell or function will suffer. Several of these amino acids are elaborated within the body so that only ten of them must be taken in foods. If a single food contains all ten, its protein is said to be “complete” or adequate. Some certain ones; such a deficiency needs to be made up from other foods which have an excess. Wheat is an example, as its lysine content is low, while in the soybean it is high. When 25 parts of soy flour are mixed with 75 parts of wheat flour it becomes adequate for normal growth because of the extra lysine it borrowed from the soy flour, so that its protein now compares favorably with that of meat, milk, and eggs. Such estimates are usually based on patent white flour which has already lost about half of the lysine which was in the whole grain of the wheat.

Therefore when foods are properly combined, adequate protein can be secured without using any one food containing all ten amino acids. However, for the sake of safety it is well to include in the daily ration some of those foods in which all ten are found. There is good evidence that each of the following foods contains all ten of the amino acids: soybeans, garbanzos, almonds, brazil nuts, whole wheat, whole corn, whole oats, brown rice, potatoes, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens.

Certain of the foods do not contain sufficient amounts of some of the amino acids, but they do contain all ten of them. The proteins of grains have long been held in question by research workers who have given first place to meat, milk, and eggs. It is possible that feeding experiments were conducted with refined grains. However, during recent years when there has been a world shortage of protein foods very careful study has been given to the germs of the grains and they have been found to contain the essential amino acids and are now placed alongside of the animal proteins. Thus does science come one step nearer to accepting Mother Nature and revelation. The following brief clipping refers to one of the latest conclusions.

“Grade A Protein Foods”

‘In an article entitled ‘The Nutritive Value of Wheat Germ, Corn Germ, and Oat Proteins’ Doctors Stare and Hegsted, of Harvard University, state: ‘Data on the amino acid content of protein content of wheat and corn germ have recently been presented by Block and Bolling. The content of the essential amino acids compares favorably with… proteins such as milk and meat. It appears evident from the available studies that the proteins of these germs must be considered as essentially the equivalent of first class animal proteins, both when used as the sole protein or as protein supplements in the diet.’

Wheat Proteins

‘That the proteins of wheat are of much higher nutritive value than those of white flour has been conclusively shown by independent experiments…‘Osborne and Mendel found that the proteins of whole wheat are in themselves sufficient for all the protein requirements of normal growth…’

‘Several of the legumes, including soybeans, peanuts, and our ordinary garden or field peas, contain proteins very similar chemically and nutritionally to those of meat and are well qualified for the position of main dish at dinner. Ordinary baked beans when eaten as sole protein food are not quite as efficient in protein, but become so when supplemented with the proteins of wheat as in the familiar Boston baked beans and brown bread.’

There exists in many minds an erroneous idea as to the best sources of protein. Many people think it is necessary to eat meat to get an adequate supply. Let it here be remembered that the proteins are not an animal product, but are elaborated by plants, and therefore the plant kingdom is the true and original source. Furthermore, it is a plentiful source.


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1. Where in Ecclesiastes is it written the principle, that we should eat for strength?

2. What is protein?

3. What causes muscles to move?

4. About how many amino acids make up protein?

5. How many amino acids must be taken in food?

6. When is a protein considered “complete”?

7. What is a protein-rich food that you ate (or will eat) today?

8. In these last days, why is it  important for God’s people to eat for strength?

Grab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In next week’s class, we shall look at some diagrams that compare the quantity of proteins in various foods. Did you know that proteins are very plentiful in common foods?  Come and see what some of them are, in next weeks class! God bless!



  1. Sis. J

    1. Where in Ecclesiastes is it written the principle, that we should eat for strength?
    Ecclesiastes 10:17

    2. What is protein?
    Protein is a large biomolecule, or macromolecule, consisting of one or more long chains of amino acid residues. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within organisms, including catalysing metabolic reactions, DNA replication, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another.

    3. What causes muscles to move?
    Muscle is formed of long muscle fibers . Muscle fiber is formed of many smaller units called myoneme. Each myoneme is with two muscle protein molecules. These proteins are actin and myocin.
    In presence of calcium ions actin and myocin filaments interact.
    Interaction of actin and myocin makes myoneme to contract.

    4. About how many amino acids make up protein?
    There are about 24 amino acids which make up protein.

    5. How many amino acids must be taken in food?
    Only ten amino acids need to be taken in food.

    6. When is a protein considered “complete”?
    A protein is considered “complete” when it contains at least 10 amino acids.

    7. What is a protein-rich food that you ate (or will eat) today?
    A protein-rich food I will eat today is hulled hemp seeds in my granola.

    8. In these last days, why is it important for God’s people to eat for strength?
    It is important for God’s people to eat for strength because our diet impacts the quality and quantity of life we live, in the body we are given by God to be faithful stewards of each day.

  2. Sis. J

    1. Ecclesiastes 10:17
    2. Protein is the substance which builds and repairs tissues, including muscles. It is built up of about 24 amino acids.
    3. Energy foods
    4. About 24
    5. 10
    6. A protein is considered complete when it contains all 10 amino acids that must be taken in food.
    7. Almonds and leafy greens
    8. That we may hear the voice of God more clearly and glorify Him.

  3. Beto

    1. Eccl. 10:17
    2. Protein is the substance which builds and repairs tissue including muscle
    3. Energy food
    4. 24
    5. 10
    6. if a single food contains all ten amino acids
    7. soybeans, garbanzo, almonds
    8. It is important for God’s people to have strength, power, and vigor of intellect so we can stand faithful to Him when probation hour is closed. Just like the three Hebrew boys when faced with persecution.

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