Health & Alcohol-Part 3

Greetings! In today’s class, we will look into the question, Is Alcoholism A Disease? Furthermore, we shall see the conflict between so-called science and Revelation.

Is Alcoholism A Disease?

A teaching which has been highly developed holds that it is, and sets forth the following propositions:

Is Alcoholism A Disease?

1. That alcohol is not the cause of alcoholism, but that human misery is the cause.

2. That alcohol is not the cause of alcoholism any more than the automobile is the cause of automobile accidents.

3. That the root of the trouble is in the man, not in the bottle.

4. That the man is maladjusted, sick, and needs scientific medical treatment, hospitalization under the care of specialists, and that his care in that way is a public responsibility.

5. That he should not be looked upon as one who has done any wrong, but as one who is a victim of a serious malady and needs to be helped.

6. That it is not wrong to drink; that alcohol is a necessity, and to drink moderately is quite all right.

7. That alcohol is not habit-forming, but is a food.

8. That alcohol in moderation has no harmful effects upon the human body.

9. That 95 percent of those who drink are not harmed by it.

10. That only about 1 percent become alcoholics; and that it is not their fault, but something happened to them in earlier years, which gave them a wrong bent, or some present maladjustment now calls for alcohol in excess.

11. That the 95% should not be deprived of it, because 11% become alcoholics.

12. That each person should be left to decide whether or not he will drink.

13. That if one chooses to practice total abstinence, it should be entirely voluntary.

14. That to require him to abstain is fundamentally wrong; and therefore…

15. To prohibit the manufacture, advertising, sale, and drinking of alcoholic beverages is a wrong of first magnitude.

16. That all citizens, church people included, should unite in this new scientific approach to the alcohol problem.

17. That they should make provision for it, and all work together for true temperance, which is drinking in moderation by those who choose to do so.

Whose Program Is This?

This was one line of attack followed by the liquor industry, when they were undermining prohibition, and it has been advocated with increasing subtlety and effectiveness ever since. Manifestly if the industry is the sole source of this teaching, the very source will discredit it with many people, particularly church fold whom they are most anxious to reach and influence, and to kill total abstinence at its source. Therefore they seek helpers whom they can use to present these seductive principles under auspices which will be acceptable to all.

They know that the public generally, church people included, regard science almost with reverence, and that most people bow the knee to scientific teachers. To the point is a statement by Dorothy Thompson – “It is safer today to take the name of God in vain than the name of science.” Therefore a department of Yale University in New Haven,  Conn., has become a scientific outlet for the presentation of these principles. It is known as “The Yale School of Alcohol Studies.”

From Yale, it can spread into the science departments of schools, great and small, throughout the land, and so reach other teachers, students, future teachers, parents, and parent-teacher associations. The National Education Association, and the Teachers of America, co-operated in the selection of teachers and school administrators to receive appointments to the Yale school. Yale was advocating that similar schools for the study of alcohol be set up from coast to coast. At least $150,000 was given by seven distillers and a front organization with a good sounding name, to be used for the scientific study of alcohol at a renowned university in the state of New York.

Churches were invited to select leading workers to go to Yale under appointment, to take the studies. They were carefully taught “The scientific approach to the alcohol problem,” and  when they returned they and there fellows felt that they have some advance information which should be shared with all, and their associates received it with admiration and satisfaction. As an example, one preacher said, “This is the first really scientific training I have had in alcohol. I am going to change my lectures because of it…Up to now I declared alcohol was a poison, but the professors have about convinced me that it is a food.”

As a result, entire churches are taking it on. State church temperance organizations are doing the same and turning their backs on prohibition, the work of the W.C.T.U. and all other dry forces. In certain instances great denominations, through their temperance departments are committed to it.

Such results being when the church workers take time off from their “dry” work to attend a “wet” school, when they become engrossed with the so-called scientific intricacies of the alcohol problem and the glamour of “higher education.” They are delighted with their advancement and forthwith turn their attention to the matter of salvaging the confirmed alcoholics (which too often is impossible), and become advocates of moderate drinking which makes more drunks to be taken care of, instead of continuing their divine mission of teaching total abstinence which is the sure preventative of alcoholism. Thus the light of the church is being extinguished. This, no doubt, is the chief purpose in all of these scientific studies of the alcohol problem, –divert the churches from the work of saving mankind to helping the liquor traffic to ruin them.

Several other strong organizations are operating under such names as Research Council of Alcohol problems, Committee for Education on Alcoholism, Committee on Alcohol Hygiene, etc. A great flood of propaganda is being circulated, some of which finds its way into church publications which would surprise those who read these lines. A gigantic scheme has been devised and put into operation to thwart all attempts at the return of prohibition, and to undermine in the home, the school, and the church, the basic idea of total abstinence as the only safe course to follow.

One of the most subtle schemes goes under a name usually abbreviated into two capital letters, (A.A), It enters the realm of religion and so easily enters into the membership of churches of all kinds. It is the organization to which the others turn for the rehabilitation of the alcoholics, and is in good standing with all of them, including the Yale school. It claims to direct the mind of the alcoholic to a supernatural power, but to what kind of super natural power it is hard to comprehend when one learns that there are infidels, atheists, and agnostics among their rescued alcoholics. One writer said, “It becomes evident that all this talk about God is mere camouflage.” The organization is in good standing with the liquor industry. And why not, as they are heard to stay in their meetings, “If alcohol helps you to have a good time, use it, but if you find it is beginning to get the best of you, do something about it.”

They become missionaries for moderate drinking. They denounce abstinence in spite of the fact that under prohibition two hundred institutions for the care of alcoholics were forced to close for lack of patients. This, perhaps, is the most respected organization working on the basis that alcoholism is a disease.

Thus the forces of destruction disguised as “science” are capturing both schools and churches and through them the human race. What the outcome will be, only God can foresee. It is high time for every believer in God and lover of humanity to stand four-square on Holy Writ. “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging; and whosoever is received thereby is not wise….At last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.” Proverbs. 20:1, and 23:32 Let the battle cry everywhere be “Total abstinence.”

A Quote to Note:the Bible will do for mind and morals what can not be done by books of science or philosophy. As a book to discipline and strengthen the intellect and ennoble, purify, and refine the character, it is without a rival.”—Special Testimonies on Education, 53

AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In our next class, we shall look into, The Last Stand – “Personal Liberty”.  Until then, God bless! Tell us what you learned from today’s class, in the comment section, below!

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