Health & Tobacco-Part 3

Greetings! In today’s class we shall look into how tobacco effects the morals, how little is warned against the usage,  some tips on how to stop smoking, and more!

Character, Morals: Tobacco blunts the conscience, the force within which says “No” to evil. To the extent that voice is stilled, wrong will rule the life and the world. In this crucial field of human poisons, the church is a dismal failure.

The Advertising: Money in the hands of conscienceless advertising experts is making the people believe that black is white, and very little is being done to offset it.

Selling Poison Without Warning: Strong agencies today are watching more and more carefully every line of foods to see that they are properly labeled and every ingredient revealed. If not, they cannot be sold. There is a growing tendency to consider it unlawful to label any food as a “health” food. Yet the strongest and most fatal poisons known to man are sold in every community to unsuspecting men and women, boys and girls, for a few cents without limit or restriction, and without skull and cross-bones being thereon-and nobody cares!

Saving and Losing Life: To save life we build great hospitals filled with elaborate, costly scientific equipment, and train doctors and nurses with the finest of skill and technique to operate them-not a germ is allowed in the operating room serums and anti-toxic of every kind are provided; pharmaceutical preparations without number are on every hand; we call the doctor for every little ache or pain; railroad crossings go above or below the highways, or a falling gate is provided; safeguards are placed along the highways; police pilot pedestrians across the street; little children are especially guarded; factories, homes, office buildings, schools, and all other places are equipped with all manner of safety devices; great foundations with millions of money are doing continuous research in every possible field to discover any cause of disease (cancer included) and to find ways of prolonging human life; men pay great sums to have their lives “insured”; libraries of books, journals and pamphlets are published in the interesting of health; the federal Government can spend billions of money on public health; when death stares in the face a single person will sometimes be willing to spend millions for life to be prolonged; and in the midst of it all the whole nation is slowly smoking itself to death-and nobody cares!

The money Americans spend every year for tobacco would be enough to run the government in ordinary times. We spend time as much for tobacco as for education. Yet this enormous monetary loss is nothing compared with the injury to body, character, and posterity. Then after the user has thus done his worst, he throws down his match or burning stub and burns up the property of others in the city or country and so becomes the greatest fire hazard in the land.

Tolerance: When the beginner is learning to smoke it often makes him very ill, but after a few days of trying, the body ceases to rebel and he goes happily on his way. Nature’s warning is stilled but the harm continues even though he suspects it not.

How to Stop Smoking: He who eats and drinks a plant-based diet according to God’s plan will gradually lose his desire  for tobacco; the foods that God has designed for us to eat are anti-tobacco. For the first few days, live almost entirely on fruits and vegetables. Drink freely of water and fruit juices. When tempted to smoke, eat an apple or an orange instead, and the smoke will not taste good. Continue doing so and living as recommended, and soon the appetite will lessen and finally disappear. Do not try to “taper off”; it usually results in a long period of agony and fails at last Remember what tobacco does to you.

Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evilLearn to do well…” Isaiah 1:16, 17.

Whose Responsibility: Who is responsible for the widespread use of tobacco by people of all ages and both sexes? There are many influences contributing to this, but back of all them is a master mind at work to utterly destroy the human race.

Advertising is overpowering; newspapers, magazines, and billboards dink the “benefits” of tobacco into every mind; the movies extoll it; the radio repeats it to all the members of every household; and so the very air is permeated with the thought.

And what influences are equal to the task of turning back such a mighty tide of evil? The home has well-nigh ceased to protest; and the home is the bulwark of the nation. He who should be guarding the health of the home and the nation is himself smoking with the rest. The church, Heaven’s fortress in the world, has given way and largely gone to smoking. The school seems to be the last stand. The law requires that the effects of tobacco be taught to the youth, and many educators are making a courageous fight to stem the tide; but they are losing ground. More and more teachers are smoking every year.

A Quote to Note: “Tobacco is a slow, insidious, but most malignant poison. In whatever form it is used, it tells upon the constitution; it is all the more dangerous because its effects are slow and at first hardly perceptible. It excites and then paralyzes the nerves. It weakens and clouds the brain. Often it affects the nerves in a more powerful manner than does intoxicating drink. It is more subtle, and its effects are difficult to eradicate from the system. Its use excites a thirst for strong drink and in many cases lays the foundation for the liquor habit.

The use of tobacco is inconvenient, expensive, uncleanly, defiling to the user, and offensive to others. Its devotees are encountered everywhere. You rarely pass through a crowd but some smoker puffs his poisoned breath in your face. It is unpleasant and unhealthful to remain in a railway car or in a room where the atmosphere is laden with the fumes of liquor and tobacco. Though men persist in using these poisons themselves, what right have they to defile the air that others must breathe?

Among children and youth the use of tobacco is working untold harm. The unhealthful practices of past generations affect the children and youth of today. Mental inability, physical weakness, disordered nerves, and unnatural cravings are transmitted as a legacy from parents to children. And the same practices, continued by the children, are increasing and perpetuating the evil results. To this cause in no small degree is owing the physical, mental, and moral deterioration which is becoming such a cause of alarm.” The Wisdom of the Great Physcian p.106 & 107

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AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In next week’s class, we shall learn how the church has a roll in stemming the tide of evil from the tobacco habit. Until then. God bless!

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