How Acids and Alkalies Affect the Health-part 6


In today’s class, we shall look at the typical American diet, as it relates to alkaline and acid forming foods. Furthermore, it would be well if each student examines his or her diet and carefully reviews, to see if the bulk of their meals is acidic or alkaline.


Neutral Foods

Pure starch, sugar, and fats (both animal and vegetable) are classed as neutral. When used in the body they form carbonic acid which is exhaled. Tapioca is in this class. If carbohydrates are deficient in the diet, the fats cannot then be completely burned and will in that case produce an acid.

Plan the Meals

Every food has not been classified, and it remains for us to arrange them into meals in which the alkaline foods will be at least 75 per cent. The reader may not yet sense the fact that his meals need reorganizing, but if he will examine them he will find that, if he eats as most people do, the alkaline foods are not nearly up to 75 per cent of the whole.



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Furthermore, some healthful meals with alkaline foods, can be found for free in our Heavenly Recipes section of the website! Discover meals with alkaline foods such as pumpkin, banana, avocado, beans, lemon, potatoes, and more!





The Average American Diet

The typical American diet has been estimated in the Home Economics Bureau of the U.S. Department of Agricultural, based on the distribution of calories, to be as follows:

The Average American Diet

Grain products……………………………….27%


Vegetable & fruits…………………………..13%

Fats, including butter, oils, & pork….14%


Lean meat, fish & eggs…………………..17%

Examination of this report reveals that only 27 percent of the calories in the average American diet is alkaline, whereas of the total amount of food eaten at least 75 percent should be alkaline. When the long list of diseases which arise from “acidosis” is recalled, the reason for all of this sickness is clearly seen. This unbalance is cause number two of disease. It is not that people are getting enough food but that they are eating the wrong foods; that they are not getting enough of the vegetables and fruits is immediately manifest. That is the first adjustment to make. When this done it will be found that there is no room for meat, fish, or fowl. It will also be found that to bring the amount of acid-forming and neutral foods within 25 percent there will have to be, in many cases, a marked reduction in the amount of cereals eaten as well as the elimination of all meats and eggs.





By God’s grace, He can help us to make correct dietary choices like Daniel! “Why did Daniel and his companions refuse to eat at the king’s table? Why did they refuse his meats

and wines? Because they had been taught that this class of food would not keep the mind or the physical structure in the very best condition of health to do God’s service. These youth urged most earnestly that the one who had charge of their food should not compel them to partake of the king’s luxuries, or drink of his wine.

They begged him to try them ten days only, and then examine them, and decide by their physical appearance whether their abstemious diet would be to their disadvantage. When they came in for examination, the result was decidedly in their favor.
It was otherwise with the youth who had eaten of the luxuries of the king’s table, and drank of his wine. The clear sparkle of the eye was gone; the ruddy, healthful glow had disappeared from the countenance. The four Hebrew captives were thereafter permitted to have the diet they had chosen. What effect did it have upon mind and character? They had conscientiously refused the stimulus of flesh and of wine. They obeyed God’s will in self-denial, and He showed His approval. He desired His servants to honor Him by their adherence to steadfast principle in all their habits of life. Their countenances would be a certificate of physical soundness and moral purity…These youth had the Lord as their educator. The golden links of the chain of heaven connected the finite with the infinite. They were partakers of the divine nature. They were very careful to keep themselves in touch with God.” {RC 143}

Is this your desire? Let us each of us, take a moment now and recommit our hearts to Jesus. “While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts” Hebrews 3:15

*study adapted from Abundant Health, by Julius G. White


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