More Health Principles-Part 1

Greetings! In today’s class, we shall start a new segment entitled, “More Health Principles”. By God’s grace, it is our pray that your hearts will be impressed with the importance of this subject.

The Need of Education in Health Principles

Education in health principles was never more needed than now. Notwithstanding the wonderful progress in so many lines relating to the comforts and conveniences of life, even to sanitary matters and to the treatment of disease, the decline in physical vigor and power of endurance is alarming. It demands the attention of all who have at heart the well being of their fellow men.

Our artificial civilization is encouraging evils destructive of sound principles. Custom and fashion are at war with nature. The practices they enjoin, and the indulgences they foster, are steadily lessening both physical and mental strength, and bringing upon the race an intolerable burden. Intemperance and crime, disease and wretchedness, are everywhere.

“Many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, and they need instruction. But the greater number know better than they do. They need to be impressed with the importance of making their knowledge a guide of life” MH 126. “Too little attention is generally given to the preservation of health. It is far better to prevent disease than to know how to treat it when contracted” MH 128.

It is the duty of every person, for his own sake, and for the sake of humanity, to inform himself in regard to the laws of life, and conscientiously to obey them. All need to become acquainted with that most wonderful of all organisms, the human body. They should understand the functions of the various organs and the dependence of one upon another for the healthy action of all. They should study the influence of the mind upon the body, and of the body upon the mind, and the laws by which they are governed” MH 128.

Seven Essentials to Good Health

To build and maintain the maximum of health, it is necessary to see that every habit is correct and every law of life observed. These may be summarized under these heads:

1. A proper diet

2. Fresh air, day and night, in abundance

3. Regular exercise

4. Systematic rest – relaxation, repose, and sleep

5. A good supply of sunshine

6. Strict cleanliness

7. A right mental attitude, which includes obedience to and trust in the Creator

Air and Breathing

Air is life’s first necessity. One may live for many days without food, and for a few days without water, but for only a few moments without air. Air purifies the blood, contributes to the production of heat and energy, and conveys electrical energy with which to vitalize every organ of the body. That it may accomplish these things the air must be kept in motion, be pure and fresh, and abundant at all times and in all places, day and night; the sitting, walking, and working posture should be correct, and deep, full, abdominal breathing should be practiced.

“Exercise and the growth of cells develops lactic acid, which is then broken down into carbon dioxide and water, and much of it is converted back again into carbohydrate, which process requires oxygen. In case of excessive exercise, a great deal of lactic acid is made and much oxygen is required to handle it. This means faster breathing. If breathing is hampered or the circulation of the blood slows, lactic acid accumulates, which is ‘acidosis’ or weariness.”

The following comprehensive, forceful statements concerning air have been arranged in the Spirit of Prophecy:

In order to have good blood, we must breathe well. Full, deep inspirations of pure air, which fill the lungs with oxygen, purify the blood. They impart to it a bright color and send it, a life-giving current, to every part of the body. A good respiration soothes the nerves; it stimulates the appetite and renders digestion more perfect; and it induces sound, refreshing sleep.” MH 272

“Air is the free blessing of heaven, calculated to electrify the whole system. Without it the system will be filled with disease and become dormant, languid, feeble.” 1T 701

Air, air, the precious boon of heaven, which all may have, will bless you with its invigorating influence if you will not refuse it entrance. Welcome it, cultivate a love for it, and it will prove a precious soother of the nerves…. The influence of pure, fresh air is to cause the blood to circulate healthfully through the system. It refreshes the body, and tends to render it strong and healthy, while at the same time its influence is decidedly felt upon the mind, imparting a degree of composure and serenity. It excites the appetite, and renders the digestion of food more perfect, and induces sound, sweet sleep.” HL 72

Bro. X “…breathes only from the top of his lungs. It is seldom that he exercises the abdominal muscles in the act of breathing. Stomach, liver, lungs, and brain are suffering for the want of deep, full inspirations of air, which would electrify the blood and impart to it a bright, lively color, and which alone can keep it pure and give tone and vigor to every part of the living machinery.” 2T 67

The lungs should be allowed the greatest freedom possible. Their capacity is developed by free action; it diminishes if they are cramped and compressed. Hence the ill effects of the practice so common, especially in sedentary pursuits, of stooping at one’s work. In this position it is impossible to breathe deeply. Superficial breathing soon becomes a habit, and the lungs lose their power to expand. A similar effect is produced by tight lacing. Sufficient room is not given to the lower part of the chest; the abdominal muscles, which were designed to aid in breathing, do not have full play, and the lungs are restricted in their action” MH 273. Education in health principles was never more needed than now.

“Thus an insufficient supply of oxygen is received. The blood moves sluggishly. The waste, poisonous matter, which should be thrown off in the exhalations from the lungs, is retained, and the blood becomes impure. Not only the lungs, but the stomach, liver, and brain are affected. The skin becomes sallow, digestion is retarded; the heart is depressed; the brain is clouded; the thoughts are confused; gloom settles upon the spirits; the whole system becomes depressed and inactive, and peculiarly susceptible to disease”  MH 273.

Many of the quotations today were taken from the Ministry of Healing. By God’s grace, our relief book set includes this precious volume (under the title of, “The Wisdom of the Great Physician“). Get your copy – here.



AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In our next class, we shall discuss more about air and breathing. God bless!




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  1. Bro. K

    Hi, MOL Family! Brother K. is back for more instruction on the Redemption Plan! I learned so much about breathing air. It seems easy, yet I practiced how to take deep breaths! It was difficult, due to lack of practice. I intend to continue practicing breathing through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. God willing, my technique will improve.

    Until the next lesson
    :) Enjoy this day the Lord has made to prepare for His soon return!

    • MOL Services

      Praise the Lord, God bless you for putting the lesson into practice.


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