Soybeans-Part 3

Greetings! In today’s class, we shall continue learning about soybeans.

A Child Specialist Medical Doctor:

A most enthusiastic user of soybean milk for babies is Dr. Samuel J. Levin, of the Children’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. The Journal of Pediatrics, published an extended article from him describing his work. In a private letter he says:

I use soy milk exactly as I would whole milk. In other words, if a baby is getting a dilution of whole cow’s milk, say twenty ounces of cow’s milk, plus ten ounces of water, we would substitute soy milk for the cow’s milk in the same amount. If the child is getting undiluted cow’s milk, I would use undiluted soy milk. I have used soybean milk to pour on cereals instead of milk, when the child is on a milk free diet….We are using it quite extensively at the allergy Clinic at the Children’s Hospital.”

An Enthusiastic Grandmother

“Dear Sirs: On the advice of relatives in Kalamazoo who have used your soy milk for their asthmatic baby for a year with wonderful results, we got some a week ago and started using it with our asthmatic grandson who is four months old. He is a fine, husky, big baby but had all the symptoms of a bad asthmatic condition,– very hard, labored breathing, eczema, nine boils on his head within a month’s time, sever wheezing a great deal of the time, especially after taking his feeding; also had bad colic caused by severe gas pains, especially at night. Within twenty-four hours after starting the soy milk there was a very definite change in him, and now, after using it for one week and two days, he is a different baby. All the wheezing and labored breathing are gone entirely, the eczema is all gone, and no new boils, and no more gas. He is utterly relaxed and quite happy, which is the first time in his life. He has turned from a crying, restless, uncomfortable baby to the best baby I ever saw, and I have had six of my own. He still has plenty of ‘pep’ which shows he is well nourished. We all are so grateful for this wonderful food, and you can rest assured we will pass the good news along to the parents of other asthmatic babies.”

For Well Babies

If soy milk makes sick babies well, would it be a good food for babies who are now well? Would it not help to protect them from future illness?

The Formula for Babies

Whatever formula has been provided based upon cow’s milk will apply to soy milk of a similar consistency. An 8-oz. glass of soy milk contains about 148 calories. It should be supplemented with fruit juices and vegetable juices, the same as cow’s milk. It is slightly laxative, whereas cow’s milk inclines somewhat to constipation. Soy milk is very rich in iron, where dairy milk is very low in that mineral. Soy milk is alkaline to about the same degree as human mother’s milk. Its calcium content is right without dilution.

Analysis of A Standard Brand of Soybean Milk

Makes Costly Foods Cheap

The most expensive food constituents are minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fats. Soy flour is rich in all these constitutes, and yet relatively cheap. The moderate cost of soy bean flour makes it possible for people of small incomes to obtain the maximum of these essential constituents required by the body which in the form of other foods might be beyond their reach.”

Every family should study ways of making soy bean products a regular part of the menu. There are many ways of doing this; a few are suggested here.

How To Use Soy Beans

(1) In Baking: Soy flour

Soy flour may be used in combination with wheat flour up to 30% of the mixture. Breads large and small may be made with 20 to 30% soybean flour. Such a mixture is truly an “enriched” flour.

(2) In General Cooking

Anywhere that flour is used, soy flour may be included as a part of the mixture.

(3) As Beans

The dry beans may be cooked as other beans are cooked, except they require more cooking and need special flavoring. There is also a great difference in the flavor of the different varieties. We recommend the Hahto variety, it really tastes good.

(4) As Beans Ready-Cooked

Pre-cooked and flavored canned soybeans are appearing in the market in increasing variety, particularly may these be found in special health food stores.

(5) As Vegetable Meat

Very delicious “meat substitutes” are being made from soybeans and sold in the leading food stores of most of the large cities and many of the smaller ones. These come in cans like canned meats and are ready to serve. When you buy them you get no bones or gristle to throw away, and no animal toxins or disease but get pure food. Many people say their flavors are superior to those of meats; others say “Just as good as meat!”, which with them means a high compliment.


(6) As Milk

Very tasty and highly nutritious soy milk is now sold in tin cans like canned cow’s milk. It is also sold in powder form, made by dehydrating liquid soybean milk. These various forms of vegetable milk are sold in many regular trade food channels.

AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In our next class, we shall continue learning about soybeans, and also learn some recipes for some fresh soy milk. God bless!

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