The Body and Its Needs-Part 3

Greetings! In today’s class we will look at natural foods that are suitable for the average person. “…it is one thing to have all these foods in the house, and quiet another matter to arrange them in balanced meals…” The natural is quite like the spiritual, we need “…here a little, and there a little Isaiah. 28:10

Natural Foods

Suitable for the Average Person



Wild plants suitable to use as greens, particularly in the Spring of the year when the shoots are new and tender:




When making foods with nut contents the proportion of nuts to other food substances should not exceed one-tenth to one-sixth part of the whole.



No meat, fish, fowl, [or dairy products] appear in this list…and are not recommended to those who want the best foods and the best possible health.


Sugar and various syrups are included in this list of natural foods. The unrefined are the most desirable, but even they should be used in great moderation, and in certain conditions should be entirely discarded. Honey and sweet fruits are nature’s sweets.


Balanced Meals

The foregoing lessons have revealed that natural foods contain (with water, air, sunlight)every element of life needed for the cells and their functions, and a list of them you will see in the next class. However, it is one thing to have all these foods in the house, and quite another matter to arrange them in balanced meals two to three times a day. The perpetual problem in the home or at the public eating place is, What will we have for dinner today? This situation makes it necessary to provide some simple method of planning the meals so that the rations for the day are approximately balanced. The amounts of foods needed vary with individuals, but it is important that a sufficient number of kinds of food be eaten daily to secure the variety which necessary to obtain a balance of all the elements. To meet these needs we will share with you an automatic menu planner in our next class! Until then!


*study adapted from the book, Abundant Health by Julius G. White

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