The Right Use of the Mind-Part 1


Greetings! Today we shall start a new segment entitled, “The Right Use of the Mind.”

The world is filled with a confusing variety of teachings concerning the use of the mind. Systems of psychology of every variety are on every hand, varying all the way from simple thinking to mysticism. We ask each student to lay all these teachings aside, and think simply and carefully on the principles here presented.

The Power Of Mind Over Matter

The Mind Is King: “The brain is the capital of the body, the seat of all the nervous forces and of mental action. The nerves proceeding from the brain control the body. By the brain nerves, mental impressions are conveyed to all the nerves of the body as by telegraph wires; and they control the vital action of every part of the system. All the organs of motion are governed by the communications they receive from the brain.” HL 193

The mind is placed in the body as the seat of government, as the king over a kingdom, which is real, governed by laws which are inexorable, which if obeyed bring blessing, but if transgressed bring pain, sickness, and death. The mind is to know these laws and enforce them.

All other parts of the body are to work under its guidance – receive orders from it. The brain is the guiding, compelling force of the body. It is in direct contact with all parts of the body through a system of nerves over which electric currents pass to and from the brain, carrying orders out and receiving information which they bring to the brain. The brain is said to be like four quadrillions of dynamos, and that the electric distribution system of the human body is more intricate, delicate, and vastly greater than all the lines of communication on the earth. The brain of a cat contains enough electricity to run a small radio – it has been done.

When oxygen was added to a solution of proteins from calf brains, it glowed for a few seconds like a weak electric light bulb. Thus the light locked up in a brain was made to shine in a dark room. Men now have a “brain meter” by which they measure the electric activity of the brain.

Mechanical Generator Draws Electricity From The Air

A mechanical, electrical generator collects electricity from the earth and atmosphere, and sends it out over wires to such places as the wires go. This is accomplished by the turning of the generator. Man has no “wheels” in his head, but yet there are means for generating the current and sending it out over the nerves, which means are just as real as the turning of the generator.

The Brain Gets Its Electricity From The Air

Dr. George Crile, has written a book, “The Phenomena of Life,” devoted to expounding his views concerning the origin of electricity in the body, and its functions. He holds “oxidation” to be its primary source (page 17). This agrees with a statement in Inspiration: “Air is the free blessing of heaven calculated to electrify the whole system,” (HL 46). It also agrees with work done at the Harvard School of Public Health by Professor Yaglou and associates. They determined the number of electrified air particles (ions) per cubit foot of air in a room, and then watched their reduction after thirty-four people came into the room. They found that in twenty minutes, only one-fifth of the ions remained. The same reduction occurred with only seven people in the room. No amount of window ventilation could restore the ions while the people remained in the room, and one hour’s time was required for the normal amount of ions to be restored after the people left the room.

It is understood that when breathing pure air, the respiratory system retains from 15 to 40 percent of the ions. Another reports a retention of from 60,000 to 150,000 ions at each breath. Koller also says these ions have an affinity for oxygen; while other research workers have said that the red blood corpuscles, which carry oxygen, are so heavily charged with electricity, that their combined charge would light a 25-watt bulb (enough so one could ready by its light, for five minutes).


All evidences go to show that in some way, oxygen and electricity are tied together in their work. Koller says the air is constantly flowing toward the earth, that approximately 50 percent of the volume of soil is air; the air is ionized in the soil, and comes out from the soil recharged.

These scientific discoveries strongly impress the advantages of living out-of-doors, and in close touch with nature as much as possible; and that when we must be inside of buildings, health demands a constant free circulation of fresh air. Additional value is also seen in deep breathing and in breathing exercises, and in erect posture without which proper breathing is impossible.


The Brain Governs The Body Electrically

Electrically speaking, the brain serves as the dynamo and the nerves as the wires. What causes the currents to go? How is this power of mind over matter exercised?

“The electric power of the brain, promoted by mental activity, vitalizes the whole system.” Thinking generates the current. It is sent out by the act of decision, enforced by the power of the will. First we think, then we decide, and then the will produces the action. That is how everything in life is done. Science has said:

“Through every person’s arms, legs, tongue, and brain, electrical impulses are continually flashing, varying according to his thoughts.”

“A simple hook-up of electrical apparatus will amplify these ‘thought waves,’ and record them on paper.”

“Dr. Hallowell Davis and his colleagues at Harvard University were proving to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology that electrical waves in the brain indicated mental activity. Furthermore,  Dr. Louis William Max, New York University psychologist, harnessed a dreamer to the apparatus, and made records of dreams, which were shown before the New York Academy of Sciences.”

AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In our next class, we shall discuss about electricity in life, health, and in every living thing. God bless!



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