The Root of Intemperance- Part 8


Greetings! Today we shall conclude our segment on, “The Root of Intemperance.”

Headache Powders & Aspirin

“Dr. Wiley, when connected with the government as chemist, referring to headache powders, said: ‘Hardly a day passes that I do not receive from some part of the country the report of a death from taking headache powders. Every such preparation sold contains large quantities of either acetanilide, phenacetin, antipyrin, or caffeine, all of which affect the heart more or less. No physician would think of prescribing more than one or two grains of these drugs; but the headache powders contain from four to six grains. Many people afflicted with headache get accustomed to taking these powders for relief. Instead they should go to a physician, find out what causes the headache and follow the prescription given for permanent relief.

“Dr. Wiley continues: ‘If I had my way, the sale of these powders would be prohibited. They are poisonous to a person with a weak heart and are likely to result in death at any time. Most of these powders are sold with instructions to take a second dose in case relief is not immediate. No physician would give such drugs with these instructions.

“Many have become acquainted with the dangerous nature of the drugs named, and have abandoned their use, but other drugs have come into prominence. Among these is aspirin. No other drug is more widely advertised than is aspirin, and reputed to be harmless. Doctor Eggleston, of the department of pharmacology in Cornell University Medical School, has said the following statement concerning aspirin:

” ‘I believe that the worst charge I can bring against aspirin is that it is indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths which are ascribed in our mortality tables to pneumonia, tuberculosis, heart disease, and others almost as prevalent and deadly.’

Aspirin weakens the heart at a time when recovery from diseases of a febrile nature depends entirely upon keeping the heart fit. Again and again I have had patients come to me in a serious condition, resulting from the free use of aspirin.” Over seven million pounds of aspirin are consumed in one year, in the United States.

Headache Relievers

“Proprietary remedies for the relief of headache are legion. Practically without exception, however, these potent pain-relievers (aspirin excepted) are based upon a ‘coal-tar’ derivative, most commonly acetanilid, but sometimes acetphenetidin, antipyrin, or pyrmidon; with, more rarely, lesser known derivatives of these usually in association with caffeine, an aromatic and sometimes an alkaline, such as sodium bicarbonate.

“Their essential action is to relieve pain and to reduce body temperature….They all are recognized as being habit-forming and in some degree narcotic in their action.  “‘Bromo-Seltzer’ contains definitely harmful and habit-forming drug, acetanilid. The latter is recognized by authorities as partaking in some respects of the character of a narcotic. “Acetanilid is a highly potent drug, one profoundly capable of causing serious health impairments, and the use of which has been held as directly responsible for more than a few deaths. In support of this, the following authoritative testimony is presented from “Legal Medicine and Toxicology”, by Peterson and Haines:


” ‘It has a similar narcotic action in certain forms of headache…With small doses, the red bloods corpuscles remain intact, but the large doses destroy the cells and free the methemoglobin, which may lead to hematuria, nephritis and jaundice….The most frequent source of poisoning from acetanilid has been its use as a remedy for headache….A definite acetanilid habit is recognized; maniacal excitement has followed the sudden withdrawal of the drug.’

“And what has been said concerning acetanilid applies in at least some degree or respect to the other drugs named. In short, there is no such thing as a perfectly safe headache remedy for the coal-tar derivative type.”


It is better to suffer a little than to incur the danger of contracting a body-and-soul-destroying habit. The pain is a divine message warning us that we have violated the inexorable law of life, and it is calling us to mend our ways. By stilling the warning voice with a pain deadener, we correct no wrong, but deceive ourselves into continuing our heedless course of deranging the nervous system. It is like removing the red light without removing the danger.

I do not say that no pain deadener should ever be used, but I do say that we American people are doping ourselves with these things, becoming addicts to them, and in doing so are fast destroying ourselves. It is time that we call a halt and use these dangerous drugs only under the advise of a competent and conscientious physician, and then only in cases of extreme pain.”

Group Six, The Drug Habit

This section presents the “Drug Addict”, the “Dope Fiend”, and this horrible, hopeless condition from which there is no known deliverance outside of the power of Divinity. Six ways by which people get started on the road to drug addiction, are given by Narcotics Education Association, Bulletin No. 2, May, 1923:

First: Through the use of ‘patent medicines’ and self-medication to obtain relief from sickness, pain, fatigue, or mental strain.

“Among the ‘patent medicines’ may be listed cough cures, cathartics, headache powders and soothing syrups.

Second: By taking narcotic drugs prescribed by physicians.

Third: By inheriting addiction.

Fourth: Through gratifying the craving for alcohol, by substituting addiction drugs.

Fifth: Through idle curiosity .

Sixth: By taking drugs to tide them over some strenuous mental or physical period.”

Concerning the second, Clyde L. Eddy, vice-president of the American Pharmaceutical Association, said:

“Most persons become addicted as the result of having opiates administered to them by family physicians. A patient suffering from the after-effects of an operation is given morphine over a period of a few weeks or months, and addiction results. Hundreds of addicts can trace their addiction directly to unfortunate efforts to relieve themselves of headache or nervousness by the use of nostrums. Not a few veterans of from past wars are confirmed opiate addicts as the results of having morphine administered to them while recovering from wounds. Given the right condition, a painful illness, an operation, or an automobile accident resulting in sufficiently painful injuries, and any one of us might easily be one of the addicted millions; twelve months, or for that matter as many weeks from now.”

The International Narcotics Association has sent out the following warning: “The continued use of these drugs (morphine, heroin, and cocaine) for thirty days will establish addiction in the strongest individual. In very nervous and susceptible persons, the use of them for a period of ten days places the user well past the danger point of becoming a confirmed addict.”

Closing Summary

What does this lesson mean to us? Behold the list of “roots” from which intemperance comes:

1. Spices, condiments, pickles, and other irritating foods.

2. Meats and their extractives, which contain stimulants.

3. Tea, coffee, cocoa, coca-cola, and other caffeinated drinks.

4. Tobacco.

5. Remedies with alcohol content.

6. Alcohol.

7. Pain alleviators.

8. Narcotics – “dope.”

The scheme of this series of indulgences was designed by a master mind to completely ruin the human race. How many are victims? Who has escaped? It is appalling! It is baffling! How many “temperance” people are free from the bondage of these habits? How wide-spread and sweeping should be the reform? How great is our task? Who will take hold of it? This situation calls for the unflagging toil of those who are willing to make the greatest sacrifice in the interest of humanity in the name of the Master. But before we can lead others to abandon bad habits, we ourselves must be free from them.

“Ministry of Healing,” page 130, presents the seriousness of the situation in these words:

“The body is the only medium through which the mind and soul are developed for the upbuilding of character. Hence it is that the adversary of souls directs his temptations to the enfeebling and degrading of the physical powers. His success here means the surrender to evil of the whole being.”

Let us respect the will of our Creator, as He has expressed it in the laws of life He has fixed in our bodies, for our guidance and happiness, and remember that “Ye are the temple of God….If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy.”

Then let us take up the task of revealing these great truths to all the people around us, and do all we can to change their course from the downward path to the one that leads up to life, joy, peace, happiness, and usefulness.

The “Roots” of Intemperance

The Progressive Effects of irritating and stimulating foods and drinks, tobacco, alcohol, pain alleviators, habit-forming nostrums, and narcotics –“dope”; From health to sickness, misery, and death




AbundantGrab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In our next class, we shall have a quiz on “The Root of Intemperance”, parts 1-8. Please review our previous classes from this segment down below! Until then, God bless!

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