Health Care Crisis in America – (Could it be hiding in our foods?)

health care pic 5In 2015, we are in a health care crisis in America, and simply getting medical coverage want eliminate or solve the problem. Beyond this we must enter into God’s plan of life that will reverse disease naturally. God has given to the remnant church the solution to health and every other problem in life (see Rev. 14:6, MH 363). Recently in the New York times the news reports brought to view this rising health care crisis and showed that proper nutrition plays a major role. In fact the article went as far as to say that the “The Public Health Crisis” was Hiding in Our Food! and also:

“IF you have high blood pressure, you’re in good company. Hypertension afflicts 67 million Americans, including nearly two-thirds of people over age 60. But it isn’thealth care pic 2 an inevitable part of the aging process. It’s better to think of it as chronic sodium intoxication. And, as an important new study from Britain shows, there’s a way to prevent the problem — and to save many, many lives.

A lifetime of consuming too much sodium (mostly in the form of sodium chloride, or table salt) raises blood pressure, and high blood pressure kills and disables people by triggering strokes and heart attacks. In the United States, according to best estimates, excess sodium is killing between 40,000 and 90,000 people and running up to $20 billion in medical costs a year.

Americans on average take in about 3,300 milligrams of sodium per day, but experts recommend less than 2,300 milligrams — and less than 1,500 milligrams for people over age 50, black people, or those who already have hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease, which adds up to a majority of American adults. Either target is far below where most Americans are now.” To read this whole article in the new York times entitled ,” The Public Health Crisis in our Food” click here

Have the children of the world become wiser than the Children of Light? (Luke 16:8)

In  Matthew 24:14; Psalsms 67:1,2 we are told that God’s way of the gospel is going to made know to all nations through the saving health message.

health care pic 3I have been informed by my guide that not only should those who believe the truth (1) practice health reform but they should also (2) teach it diligently to others; for it will be an agency through which the truth can be presented to the attention of unbelievers. They will reason that if we have such sound ideas in regard to health and temperance, there must be something in our religious belief that is worth investigation. If we backslide in health reform we shall lose much of our influence with the outside world.” {Ev 514.3}


“The study of surgery and other medical science receives much attention in the world, but the true science of medical missionary work, carried forward as Christ carried it, is new and strange to the denominational churches and to the world. But it will find its rightful place when as a people who have had great light, Seventh-day Adventists awaken to their responsibilities and improve their opportunities.”  {Ev 518.1}
Nothing will open doors for the truth like evangelistic medical missionary work. This will find access to hearts and minds, and will be a means of converting many to the truth… Medical missionary work is the right, helping hand of the gospel, to open doors for the proclamation of the message. . .God reaches hearts through the relief of physical suffering.” {Ev 513.1-3}


To understand more about health reform for personal health and using the health reform message and medical missionary work as the door by which we can enter the world and the other churches with the true everlasting gospel examine our series on the gospel of health entitled “The withered Right Hand (click here)”  & “The Missing Link in finishing the work (click here)”


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