Superior Benefits of Walking recognized by science

We are told in inspiration that true science and revelation always agree. We are told in the spirit of prophecy about the superior benefits of walking and more and more science is agreeing with divine revelation. Before looking at the benefits of walking as revealed in science, notice a few statements from the inspired pen long before modern science recognized its superior attributes:

  “Walking, in all cases where it is possible, is the best remedy for diseased bodies, because in this exercise all the organs of the body are brought into use. Many who depend upon the movement cure could accomplish more for themselves by muscular exercise than the movements can do for them. In some cases, want of exercise causes the bowels and muscles to become enfeebled and shrunken, and these organs that have become enfeebled for want of use will be strengthened by exercise. There is no exercise that can take the place of walking. By it the circulation of the blood is greatly improved.– Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, p. 78 (1871).


   “When the weather will permit, those who are engaged in sedentary occupations, should, if possible, walk out in the open air every day, summer and winter. The clothing should be suitable, and the feet well protected. Walking is often more beneficial to health than all the medicine that can be prescribed. For those who can endure it, walking is preferable to riding; for it brings all the muscles into exercise. The lungs also are forced into healthy action, since it is impossible to walk in the bracing air of a winter morning without inflating them.  {CTBH 100.5}

This recent news article presents some of the most recent scientific findings on the superior benefits of walking. In this article you will find such reports like the following:

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – “Everyone knows that walking limbers the aging body, but did you know it keeps the mind supple as well? Research shows that walking can actually boost the connectivity within brain circuits, which tends to diminish as the grey hairs multiply.” To read the whole article click here.

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