The nutrient value of various health foods: Science and the Spirit of Prophecy

Today an article appeared dealing with the content of food and some of the health benefits. It is very interesting to note that science brought out the fact that Almond butter is better than peanut butter. Many other fruits and vegetables were compared. While modern science is not as up to date as the Spirit of Prophecy on all the principles and facts concerning health, we can still learn much from the article that is true. The following is just concerning peanut butter and almond butter but to read the whole listings of the different food groups click here (it would be interesting to look up all of the facts concering the different food groups. Dear medical missionary students and readers, I give this to you for homework. Would be happy to hear from you. Truly, inspiration is ahead of modern science).


Here is what the article had to say concerning Peanut butter vs. Almond butter:

The winner: Almond butter
Almond butter has more calcium and magnesium, a mineral that’s often lacking in runners’ diets and is important for muscle contraction. While the two nut butters contain about the same amount of fat, the almond variety has 60 percent more monounsaturated fat. “When consumed in place of saturated fat,” says Dulan, “monounsaturated fat lowers harmful LDL levels to help decrease heart disease and stroke risk.” Almond butter also has three times more vitamin E, an antioxidant that may reduce cancer risk.


What does the Spirit of Prophecy say concerning peanut butter and Almonds?

 ” Nuts and nut foods are coming largely into use to take the place of flesh meats. With nuts may be combined grains, fruits, and some roots, to make foods that are healthful and nourishing. Care should be taken, however, not to use too large a proportion of nuts. Those who realize ill effects from the use of nut foods may find the difficulty removed by attending to this precaution. It should be remembered, too, that some nuts are not so wholesome as others. Almonds are preferable to peanuts, but peanuts in limited quantities, used in connection with grains, are nourishing and digestible.  {MH 298.1} 


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