Inspired Quote of the Day: Preparation for the Camp-Meeting (continued)

Often the stomach is over-burdened with food which is seldom as plain and simple as that eaten at home, where the amount of exercise taken is double or treble. This causes the mind to be in such a lethargy that it is difficult to appreciate eternal things, and the meeting closes, and they are disappointed in not having enjoyed more of the Spirit of God. – The Review and Herald, August 15, 1882

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  1. Bro. K

    Good evening MOL Family, brother K here! Back for some more of the inspiring truths for this time. Unfortunately I will not be attending the Camp Meeting. Yet I will pray God that whosever be there, can receive the Holy Spirit and share it with others!

    Thank you, servants of God!
    :) Enjoy

    • MOL Assistance

      Sorry that we won’t be seeing you there. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! God bless you!