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May’s Combination Store Special

Repeatedly the Lord has instructed us that we are to work the cities from outpost centers. In these cities we are to have houses of worship, as memorials for God, but institutions for the publication of our literature, for the healing of the sick, and for the training of workers, are to be established outside the cities. Especially is it important that our youth be shielded from the temptations of city life.  {Country Living, pg. 31} 

As we seek to follow the inspired counsel that has been giving to us –a warning and guidance that will help us through the soon coming crisis– many questions may arise: Where do I begin in my search for country property? What is an outpost center? Does having a home in the country automatically qualify my property as an outpost center (based on God’s divine standards)?

While this matter is indeed one of urgency, we must move intelligently; as the Lord leads. For the entire month of May, we will be having a combination store special (with free shipping) on Your Home in the Country & Another Ark to Build (books). Also included in this month’s package will be a single-disc DVD, Outpost.

As the prophetic warning was given to Noah, before the time of the Flood, so has the Lord been faithful to give us His divine blueprint for safety. Let us make haste, slowly, and discover more about this plan – His Shelter, in the time of storm.

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  1. Bro. R

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Bro. E

    Amen. Preach the truth. Be dilligent in season and out of season. The Lord surely has given us a way out as the storm beckons.