Heavenly Recipes now Ready for your Kitchen!

Heavenly Recipes now Ready for your Kitchen!
“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good…” (Psa. 34:8). The ministry of Christ was a fourfold ministry (Teaching, Preaching, Healing, and Publishing) – to meet the needs and desires of the world. As we seek to follow in His mission and by His methods, we are privileged to announce the latest website update from our Gospel of Health campaign.
Heavenly Recipes” is a new feature; where accessing various delicious, plant-based, healthful recipes is only a click away! Health reform is progressive: we will be updating this section frequently (as the Lord leads) and encourage you to “taste and see” the benefits of such progress!
To access these recipes, please go to our website > go to the drop down menu under “Gospel of Health” > and select “Heavenly Recipes“. OR click on this link, https://molministry.com/healing/heavenly-recipes/ to take you there directly. Each recipe is categorized and print-friendly.
We thank you for supporting the Lord’s work! Please continue to keep the ministry in your prayers, as you will be in ours! Maranatha!


  1. Bro. W

    we tried the coconut -oat waffles… DELICIOUS….

    we are so careful the food we bring into the house, and until I read your recipe, I never knew there was alcohol in vanilla flavoring. vanilla is pretty innocent, didn’t realize I needed to check it also. I left it out and they still tasted good! Thanks for opening my eyes to this, I don’t want alcohol in my house.

    • MOL Assistance

      Praise the Lord Brother! So glad to know you enjoyed them!

      Yes, it’s unfortunate that something so simple could contain an ingredient which causes harm to our bodies! The devil is subtil; but Praise the Lord for His guidance and Divine Revelations! And when God “takes something away”, He always gives us something BETTER. There are indeed flavorings that are sold withOUT the alcohol; that you may still enjoy it’s “innocence”… Thanks for sharing!


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